Monday, October 06, 2003

Over teh tarik with a friend at a mamak's cafe at Ampang Point this morning, no I did not have teh tarik, though it is one of my favourite drink, my friend had teh tarik and me just a black coffee, the reason being that before I left home this morning to do some shopping at Ampang Point, is that I smell something great being cook by my wife for lunch, it is kari kepala ikan [fish head curry]. Had I took teh tarik, it would surely spoiled my lunch, so I told my dear friend that no teh tarik for me this morning, and told him why, he just laugh. Well this morning this friend of mine was indeed in a cheerful mood, so as usual we chat and this morning he told me among other things, the problem of his new maid, well this maid which he got from Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia, has gone back and not returning back, so he is left without a maid to take care of his home. It is a major problem for this friend of my, for he is now living alone, his loving wife was called to the lord some twelve years ago and he has since not remarried as yet, occasionally his children, all grown up and with kids would drop by but most of the time he would be left alone with the maid to help him in the upkeep of the house, now that the maid has gone, he felt helpless and this time he was a sort of angry, this new maid that he just got from Tanjung Pinang, left just like that and without notice, so he is now in a lurch. Well all is not lost for him, this weekend his children and grandchildren came and in a way it cheer him up and he goes on tell me that this time his son told him that he should not get a new maid but get married instead so that there would be someone to take care of him and be his wife, as well as a friend all the time at his home, this request from his son and daughter, came as a surprise to him,who never expect that his grown up children would dare to bring up this subject to him, but his son said that whether dad is angry or not we want to tell you, that it is high time that you get married again. I told him that this is good, now that the children are not a barrier anymore, he should think of getting married again. As I had being telling him before, he should get married for he is not getting any younger and old man need to have someone to be a company in order to get through live. Like most man, despite our ego, we all agree that we actually depend on our spouse more and more as we grew older, for we are actually not the 'superior sex' as most man think of themselves, the women are actually more superior biologically that man, well I told him that he had to take thing more serious, now that the children has come in support of him getting married again....One of the problem to get married at this age is that one had to get the right partner, one that can live with an old man and be a friend's as well, it look easy, just go and marry another women, a little bit younger then you, but in today's world it is not that easy to get one that would be a perfect spouse, moreover life in this golden age is not like living as newly married young couple. Old folks have a different culture of living, they are fussy, sensitive and might be a bit grumpy, so getting someone with the right attitude is very, very important indeed in order to for the new marriage to work as perfectly as possible. It is not going to be easy and I told my friend that he should take a serious look at all the pro and con, but I told him that I would prefer him to get married again rather remain single as it is now. I reminded him that he has to find someone that would be an equal partner rather like the saying we hear often ' the husband is a sergeant, but the wife acted like she is a sergeant major', that would makes thing difficult for him and the relationship with the local society. It look like my friend is in a great dilemma, well that is life, one is always faced with challenges even at this golden age, I guessed that's what make life interesting and colorful.... to my friend I told him, go a head and get married again and if he needed help, I would be there to give a helping hand, with that we parted with him saying...Thanks for listening to me and we laugh and went on our way... Oh what a day, missed the teh tarik, but there is a great lunch waiting for me at my home, I would not have that great lunch at home had I not have a great wife at home...I guessed that is what my friend is missing... well that is life.....Interesting eh!!!!

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