Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It is another great day, a bright and sunny day. I start the day by doing a little work with my small patch of garden, where I have being toying around and getting dirty with dirt and trying to plant tomato, it has not been successful, I just do not know why, well I ask my friend in the UK and he say it probably because of the weather and the humidity, and if it grow,do take great care and do not allow it to grow above the cloud and trim it before it do, so that it may flowers and bear fruits, well as for my tomato plants, I have not been successful so far, it grew some less the a foot and stop growing and well, may be I am not that green with this plants, anyway my other plants like the lady finger, the yam are all growing very well. I have to try harder and smarter in order to get my tomato growing just for the fun of it, it is a just past time hobby, it is good to get one's hand dirty some time, like kids do.

Yesterday I visited Striz's page and she was talking about the new Mall in town and the IMAX theatre, well I am indeed glad it is coming our way, it is a great advancement of technology in the field of cinematography. I saw a movie at the IMAX theatre at Washington DC, sometime ago and it was really amazing, it is out of this world, the screen so huge, curved and the images, it is indeed very real, as though you are there in the movie, and it is also in three D. well at least I had that opportunity, thanks to our daughter, who was the one that encouraged me to see the IMAX. Before that I have no clue whatsoever of this IMAX movie technology, well Malaysian, you are indeed fortunate, for soon you all would be able to enjoy seeing movie in the IMAX theatre, the nearest such theatre in Asia now is in Bangkok...Malaysia is really going places, so let us be thankful to those that make all these changes happen, the good governance and the vision of both our political and business leaders, for without that kind of vision, we would not be where we are today, almost at par to the already developed countries of the west, With the kind of development coupled with peace and security in the country, it would not be a surprise that Malaysia would be a developed country before the year twenty twenty as being projected by the authority. So Malaysian, let us enjoy and at the same time contribute to the society in whatever way you can, so as to make this great country of ours, greater.... Have a nice day

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