Sunday, October 12, 2003

Well, yesterday we went to Malacca, it was a clear blue sky's day and the drive was pleasant, I drove strait to our condominium at Pantai Kundur, It is the MMBR [Malacca Mutiara Beach resort], a four star condo Hotel, the first of it kind in Malacca, It started operation in the ninety eighty five with a bang, it boast a great resort, true to it name, it is actually a great holiday resort with all the amenities that tourist crave for, the beaches within a walking distance, two swimming pools, one for the adult and the other for the kids, It landscaping was lavishly done and it is indeed a pleasing site to see, with lush greens and colorful flowers, together with the dwarf coconut palms, it makes great landscape, the landscape did won a contest as the best in Malacca at that time. It was a resort that we would spend our weekend with pleasure, enjoying the swimming pool and great dining at the coffee house. at the beach one even could do some fishing. In the evening it was a sight to see, the setting sun,glowing red and amber as it slowly disappeared in the distance horizon. I love to watch it from my apartment that face the sea. Near by we could see huge ship delivering petroleum to the near by Petronas plants and it was never a day that you did not see any ships, it is indeed a busy strip of water way, at this section of the Straits of Malacca. The Hotel then was package with holiday maker and in some evening, there would be bar-b-que organized by the pool side and at the car park in front of the hotel, with loud music and merry making, it was a great way for holiday makers to spend their day enjoying after a hard day works. The kids was especially happy having their own swimming pool and as for the parents it is a place for a family to get lost for the week ends. Well all those good thing came to an end when the management quit after some disagreement with a few owners and for almost four years, the whole condominium complex was left without a proper management and as owners of the apartment we were in a lurch as to what is going to happen to our once beautiful holiday resort, but all is not lost and the resort is making a come back with a new management under the able leadership in the person of Mr.Sani. We check in our apartment and four for the first time after some four years, we now have water supply and electricity.... well what a relief, thanks to the new management, our MMBR would be back to it former glorious days soon, we drove back to kl satisfied that at last we are getting our resort back.... with a big thanks to the new management especially Mr.Sani and his gang....Terima Kasih sir...the mmbr in malacca

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