Friday, October 10, 2003

With globalization, the internet, the world has become smaller, we are actually a true global community, whether we like it or not we are becoming so, the boarders of countries are beginning to diminished. In the internet world, what we now call cyberspace, there are no longer any boarders at all, we could communicate with ease with anyone, in any part of the world at the speed of light. We can be employed by remote from another part of the world and do our work anywhere also. It does not matter where one live now, the internet has made it possible for us to work in cyberspace with ease, in our own environment and in the comfort of own home and in a society with our own culture. We no longer had to physically move ourselves to distance land in order to do a particular work, our physical present would soon be unnecessary, the only think that is important is our thoughts, which could be transmitted at the speed of light to our boss, anywhere and at any time of the day, time difference has now became an asset's rather then a liabilities. For any one to survived in this new working environment one need good education, for knowledge is the key to success in the new millennium. So to those children of today and the present youth, if you want to succeed in these millennium, you have to acquire knowledge and today it is not that difficult, institution of higher learning are everywhere, it even exist in cyberspace, for without knowledge one would be lost in this competitive world. A first degree is not enough, one have to pursue knowledge to a PhD level, then only one can be knowledgeable enough to participate effectively in the world commerce, trade, or what ever in order to makes a good income and in that get a really good living condition and a great quality of life. In today's world with a PhD and a laptop, one would find it easier to seek employment in any countries of the world. Most countries would be ever willing to employ trained people, it is an assets, they just have to pay the salaries and nothing else and they get people with knowledge and expertise. Malaysia must learn from the other countries, i.e.the USA, where they are ever willing to employ anyone as long they have the required qualification, so Malaysian go on and acquire knowledge and you would be, not only great to the Mother Land but to the world as well.....A PhD and a Laptop and out you go in search of a better life, here, there or everywhere. So to those young Malaysian do not stop, just at the first degree level, go on and eventually get a PhD, it is the only way to succeed in this millennium.

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