Sunday, October 05, 2003

Blog, I am not sure where this word came from, I have look in the dictionary and it is not there, or perhaps those people at could throw some light as to how this new word came into being, any way it is a new word in the cyberlanguage vocabulary that cyberpeople like us create for us to use in cyberspace, we ought to know it very well, for we are the blogger, a citizen of cyberworld. Blog to me is a fascinating media where one are able to put one's thought on print for all to see and as for the writer, it is indeed a God send tool that give him or her a new way to express their freedom of expression, which would not be possible in the old way, except for those that had the opportunity to write to the local or international printed media and not everyone had that opportunity and even if one's we had, it would not be the same, the articles would be edited and at time censored before it get printed, but in the Blog, there are no limitation of what one could or would do, as long as one stick to the guided rules of a civil society. These rules which are often unwritten or legislated are made by the writer themselves and therefore are for the good of everyone that one keep to the limit of self expression as to not to offend others, for doing so I felt that would not serve anyone any good. I believe that what ever I wrote would in as small way help to enlighten up or enriched those that visit my blog, for me it is the satisfaction of seeing my thoughts in print and if it ever help to achieved it other objective, in that it give those that read it an enjoyment, then that would really makes me happy and satisfied that another person have in a small way get some benefit from my writing. As the title of my Blog - in passing - Malaysian -means, we are all passing through and while doing so, it would be great that we passed on our wisdom that we gathered all throughout those years to the new generation so that they may benefit from our past experiences and with that, to contribute to make this planet of ours a better place to live and enjoy life. have a nice day from Me.....on holiday in Bali

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