Sunday, June 27, 2004

We are back to Sunday and life goes on as usual or is it really as usual, I doubt it... It cannot be the same, for today is another day, a different day and yesterday has gone forever, except for that whatever we have stored in our memory bank.... It is just like that and at time we may recollect what has happen and at time the recall would not give us a clear answer... Even if we write down like what I am doing in my Blog, in diary or books... It is still not the same for it would not be possible for us to remember everything of the past...That is why we have to be very careful about history... For history might not be the Truth, for History is the product of the Victor.... Only those that won write history and the looser lost everything.... Even on our days of instant communication, the same happening is not reported the same in the various media... Like a News agency say a person that has just been killed as traitor and another news agency proclaimed it as a hero and a martyr.....During the colonial era the person that killed the British Adviser in the northern state of Perak of the then Malaya, a Mr.Birch is call a traitor and was caught and hanged, but after independence this same person is call a Hero and honored... It is a fact that history do not really tell the truth but knowing the history and understand it is important if we want to proceed to the future, for History has a way of repeating itself... So if we study history may be we could learn more about the past, not necessary the truth, so that we could used it to better our future.... Like war does not solved problem but instead it created more problem... Like what is happening now in the Middle East.... Surely there are other ways of introducing democracy to the middle east other the forcing a regime changes.... Remember Asia, one of the oldest civilization on this planet was not forced toward democracy but it reformed itself and today most of the Asian nations are a democracy in one form or others and the remaining countries are at a stage of reforms and would lead to the only better system that we have now... A market economy and a democratic political system.... Remember democracy is not just having election and setting a government, it is more then that... It is a culture by itself... So for democracy to be successful and continue to progress, the people must understand that democracy would bring then a better quality life then before.... That is why when we got our independence in nineteen fifty seven, our first Prime Minister promised the people that the government would try to give the people "foods instead of rations, clothing instead of uniforms and housing instead of barrack"..... And remember too that politic is part of democracy and politic is the art of the possible.... So as we all know too well that there are good and bad in politic.... So for politic to be a viable and useful tools for democracy to thrived, it has to be handle with utmost care and wisdom.... For if not it would fail miserably as it did in some countries... In the Malaysian case, recognizing that for democracy to work well and bring benefit to its people... the reality of the Malaysian society must be take into account.... The fact that Malaysia is a multi racial, multi religion and multi language country... makes it more difficult to govern than a country with a single race, a single religion and a single language... But Malaya now Malaysia on achieving its independence, inherit a country of people of different races, culture, language and religion and it soon could became a liabilities... So that is why our founding father was smart in that they set out a course for the future of the country... That the country should be shared by all and that there should be a social contract among the races... And that should be acknowledge by all at all time... So now Malaysia is forty seven years after independence and is looking good, for the promise of the founding father to provide housing, foods and clothing, the basic needs of the people have been achieve beyond the founder's dream and today with good leadership and good governance this country of twenty five million people is a prosperous country, where the standard of living is high and the life style and the quality of life is as good as it can get, for a country that is just forty seventy years old... In certain case the quality of life and cost of living is better then some countries in the west... It is now already a first would country... Just like any country in the world.... So I think those country in the Middle east should take a look at what has happen in Malaysia, for I believe it is a good model to emulate for the future of its citizen.... For a country to accept democracy and live with it principle, its at first has to understand what democracy is all about and this cannot be done over night.... It takes time...Even Malaysia that had practice democracy from day one of it independence had to make adjustment from time to time in order to meet the values and norms of a civil society in a democratic country.... And by doing it the society has began to be more responsive to democracy, thus making it works better for the common goods...... So why not learn from the experience of Malaysia... So that democracy would develop well in Middle east.....For in Malaysia democracy has brought about a quality of life that are just a dream just half a century ago....And in the spirit of Malaysia... For Malaysian it is always Malaysia Boleh!! Malaysia can do it and succeed...... Some thoughts to ponder on this good Sunday.....


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