Tuesday, June 22, 2004

[continuing the Tampin Run story]....It is getting more interesting....With the local club member taking over leading the convoy toward Tampin....We were all confident that we would get there in time for lunch... We tag along and drove in convoy careless of what road we were taking, driving on just by following and enjoying the drive and the scenery...I just follow along and we drove into unfamiliar small country roads that winds it way through small housing garden and plantations and as we proceed I notice the sight to be somewhat familiar... I told my wife that we must be somewhere near the holiday resort call the Al Famosa which is not that far from the town of Tampin... We did spend a family holiday at this resort sometime ago, so we are rather familiar with the scenery.... Happy that we are near to our destination I drive on with confident.... The convoy being lead by the local Volvo member, surely the drive to our destination would be as smooth and enjoyable... So there is no way we would get lost in this part of the country side.... Suddenly we were ask to stop.. And I look back and found that except for the ten cars that are on our convoy... The rest are not to be seen.... Where have they gone missing I wonder!!... I knew that there is another local club member behind our convoy but He was not to be seen as well... May be they have taken another route... Quite possible, for the local people know their town well and there are many roads that lead to their towns... As we stop to wonder of what has happen to the other half of our convoy, the leader of our convoy was seen outside his car talking on the cell phone, thanks to this wonder tool of communication, the Cell Phone, we now could communicate any where without worry.... Perhaps He was trying to locate where the other half of the convoy have gone...In the mean time as we waited... I went out of the car to take some snap shots of the wild flowers on the roadside, this particular flowers that I had not seen for sometime, as it do not grows on the city bushes or roadsides... After taking a few shots of this pink flower that we call the Senduduk... my mind while aways, mesmerized by the many varieties of wild flowers found at this location and for a few seconds I was lost in a sorts of wilderness and then when I was about to take another snap... I was jolt by a loud sound of horn... On looking, the cars in front of me has just driven on.... I rush to my car and follow the convoy and we drove on still without the missing part of our convoy of cars..... Still not in sight the other group..... And we drove on and eventually we saw the other convoy in front of us, on the opposite direction... After a few exchange of words and laughter among the leaders... They turn around and follow our convoy... Everyone are glad indeed to be on the same convoy again heading toward the town of Tampin.... With all the twenty one Volvo classic in a single convoy, we drove happily to the town of Tampin and then all the cars were asked to stop for awhile and that to switch on the light so that it would be easy to convoy our way through the crowded town... I had not been to this town since the Highway was built, the north south highway do not pass through small towns,it just by passed all the towns... so driving on highway one do not see any towns anymore, so this is the first time in so many years that I had visit this town, once a popular place for those that take the train to get to Malacca, for this is the nearest train station to the Malacca Town... Well with all the car's light on....We drove in a convoy of colorful Volvo through the town.... With passer by curios with the numbers of these cars of another era in the middle of their little town... Some cheer and some I supposed wonder where did these many cars came from...We were glad that the towner were in a way happy to see our convoy passes by their town,Tampin... The local cars even stop to let us pass by....It was really a great feeling to be part of this Run to Tampin and now we all have arrived at this town... We continue to proceed slowly toward the destined place to park all our cars, for it is not easy to find one spot to park all the cars....We follow our guide and eventually arrived at the parking lot of the local Police Housing area... We went in to park with the help of the police and happy that we have all make the Tampin Run an adventurous run and a colorful one too...... [ to be continue ]

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