Thursday, June 10, 2004

The cell phone things.... It look like that we all are hook up to this new gadget.... I am beginning to feel that I am not complete without the cell phone especially when I went out of the house... So it has became a ritual that when I leave the house, I make sure that the cell phone is in my pocket... The same goes with my spouse, she would carry one when she goes out and even if we went shopping together, she would have her cell phone with her all the time and the same with me.... It has became a tool the solved many problems... Like we could be connected anywhere on this globe... The other day I call a friend to dinner and when I got him on his phone....The first thing I ask him is, where he is now and his reply that he is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia now.... And on the same day I call my niece and she say that she is now in Jakarta Indonesia..... It is normal to ask where you are when making phone call using cell phone.... If the person you call is driving and he or she do not have a hand free phone, then you would just say that you would call later or He or She would stop the car on the road side and we communicate....In Malaysia it is illegal to drive and talk on the cell phone..... To me the cell phone is here to stay and it is becoming smaller and smaller and I believe in not too distance future, we can have one small piece embed in a part of our body, making it part of the way we would communicate to distance places in the future...Sound like too futuristic out of the star track episode.... I do not believe so...It is already a reality and it is a matter of time that we see the development toward this end.... As it is we keep changing to newer model which have color screen and also the model that have camera to take picture and transmit over to the other end for them to see you or the images that you want others to see... And another interesting development is the SMS service.. This services is became more popular if you do not want to speak but would rather send note to someone.... And a new culture is slowly being introduce.... With its own spelling and words that only SMS nerd could understand... And it is happening and people are happily sending SMS and there is no stopping on the way the new language of the SMS is developing.... Linguists are complaining that SMS has corrupted the language but who is complaining if one could communicate effectively.... For what is language if you find it difficult to use and communicate....To me in this ever fast changing world... With the knowledge and technology we have I believe we are making this world a better place to live and share.... Today with the cell phone people of all walk of live could communicate with ease irrespective of where there are.... And in doing so distance ceased to exist, thus making this world of ours smaller and smaller.... In those day, just fifty years ago... The telephone was an item of luxury and only certain people are allowed to use it and as we progress more and more people got telephones.... But then it was limited to places where they could laid line or strung copper lines on millions of poles all over the country... But now thanks to the wireless technology.... there are no need now for line connecting the phones but are done by transmitting towers that are set up here and there to provide access to the user of cell phone.... So as we all know now the cell phone has change our way of communicating and it is for the better... Making our life more interesting and communicating with friends and love one just so easy ... The love of cell phone continues..... So do not leave home without your cell phone... Have a nice day.

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