Wednesday, June 23, 2004

[continuing the Tampin Run story ] Well we have at last arrived at our destination... Tampin.... And now with all the cars park in the parking space.... We were invited to lunch by the head of the local Police, here the local police chief is call the OCPD, a title introduced by the British and still in use till today... Actually this lunch is hosted by the local member of the Volvo Club, the local Police chief and a Mr.Wee are among the members.. They have decided to give us this great lunch... We all set down in the air conditioned room and were served with a sumptuous Malaysian meals which includes the fish curry that every Malaysian love to have with their rice, of course there are other dishes to company... Malaysian food spread consist of many side dishes such as soup, mix vegetables, omelet and fresh local salad.... Without much a do, we all enjoy the foods and speaking for myself, I really enjoy the food especially the fish head curry, a specialties that are only served in Mamak restaurant... But today according to our host it is specially prepared by his staff, who are known for their good cooking at the Police depot... Well done to the chef for giving us such a wonderful lunch... We all did enjoy and many thanks for all those that makes this lunch so great and enjoyable... Thanks again my friend of the Tampin group.. After a hearty lunch came the usual speech and then because it happen to be on 'Father's Day' every fathers around were given a gift to commemorate the occasion.... And to add the already happy occasion, it was also our mechanic's birthday, for him a huge birthday cake was present... It was such a wonderful event this Run have been..... And not to end just like that the host had another surprise for us, Durian for dessert... What a surprise!!... And we all really enjoy this king of the fruits, for Malaysian love to eat this fleshy fruit, that happen to be in season now.... The durian that were served were indeed good durian and everyone seem to enjoy eating despite after having a sumptuous lunch just a minute ago.... Remember Malaysia never want to miss eating durian... Even if you are full... Durian would tempt you to go for it.... Durian has a sorts of magic to it that makes you want to eat more of it every time.... No wonder it is call the King of the Fruits... We all chat and continue to enjoy the fruits, fresh from local orchard.. So like any good thing it has got to end and end it did.... We say thanks you to the host and the dispersed before proceeding on... For we did not plan to convoy back as some had other plans to do around this small town of Tampin and other nearby towns.... And as for me, we decided to head for Malacca and spend the night there....... It was indeed an enjoyable trip this Tampin Run..... Like in the movie...It is the end of the episode.... Until the next trip!!......

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