Monday, June 07, 2004

This is the front of Kuala Lipis Rest House.... During the colonial era the British built rest houses at major towns as a place for visiting official to spend the night out station and also to socialized... Most to these rest houses were beautiful building and some of it still remain till this day.... During the colonial period and for a few years after independence, the rest houses were the only good accomodation available in major town, it is just like a today's five star hotel, it has well furnished room, hot and cold water bath, telephone service and restaurant that served western food... It use to be a place where we would go for a good western meals, like steak, chicken chop and the like.... There is also a bar where people would go for a drink with friends....There are no more there now and over time the management has not been that same like before... But then some of this magnifient build still stand till today, a reminder of the good old days........ Posted by Hello

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