Tuesday, June 29, 2004

This morning a friend's son passed away while in training as a soldier.... On receiving the news I straight away went to his house which is not that far away.... It was another of the unexpected that happen in real live, and this a fact that we all have to reckoned with in life... A person that lost a loved one need friends and since I had gone through such a traumatic experiences some seven years ago, I know for sure how these parents felt at this moment of their lost.....It is something that we never expected to happen but deep in our heart we all knew that death can come any time and to anyone, at any moment whether one is young or old, the fact that we just do not know when it would come and in the case of my friend's son, who is just twenty five years old, just graduated from the University and with an ambition to be a soldier, he join army and just about two week ago he got married and hardly he had time to spend his honeymoon, he was call for training again and at this training session he just do not seem to be able to take the stressed that goes with this kind of army training and succumb to it and passed away this very morning....For his time is up... When I got the news my memory flash back to the day that our second daughter was call to the Lord and I just knew how my friend felt when He received the news last night of his son accident in training and the eventuality of death.... Well that is life and we all have to take it and as I had always tell my friends that the dead are gone and that we the living had a life to go on and we should a least learn and know how to treasure life and share it with others as much of it as possible for we can never know when our time is up... So as soon as I met my dear friend I hug him and console him for what else could anyone do except be his friend in this time of needs... Like in any such incident in our culture especially in a death, everyone in the neighborhood would come over to the house to convey their condolences.... It was a sad day for everyone especially for this family but then it has happened and that is life and life must goes on... To me the best we all the living could do are to give as much to the community that one could and do all the good and never ever think of evil and by doing that we could contribute to the well being of our community as well to ourselves... For that is the way community live and since we makes up of the community we should contribute toward the well being of the committee especially in time of need like today..... Well friends not many want to talk about death... But let take a Pause here and Think for a minutes or so... Do we not realized as we think thousand and thousand of human die every where on this earth and at the same time thousand and thousand of other living being like the animals,the creature, the insects and the like.. Died, with us care less about it and the same goes with the numbers of plants that died also as I said or write this words.... Actually dying like being born goes on and on and there is no stopping for that is how the whole circle of life goes on this planets... When the animals or insets dies we seldom or just do not take any notice, it just dies away and then decomposed and that is the end... So my dear friends that is life and when our species die only then did we give some notice, even that if it has to do with our community or our family, if not we would just take it as in passing... For that is the way it is with us human... Only when we lost our loved one then we realized the lost and the Lost is for real and only then we began to understand what loosing a loved one really meant... Now in the war in the Middle East everyday we hear of death, as I had said time and again the one that die is Someone Loved One, even if the person is a terrorists he or she is still someone loved one, so the next time when death occur do give some respect to the dead whether he or she is a friend or a foe, for the dead is someone love one... Say a prayer and I believe we would be rewarded with more piece of mind in the days to come... For life is a treasure and once lost could not just be replaced... But that is the life of the living.... And death is part of our culture, for whatever happen life goes on.... And on....And on... So when someone die let give forgiveness and bless their soul... For we are just human being and being human is the best things that we could do to our species..... Pray that all those parted soul are granted a place in Heaven.....

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