Monday, June 28, 2004

This is the fruits season in this part of the world and from the smallest fruit the Duku to the biggest, the King of the fruits Durian are aplenty all over the country... Tropical fruits thence to come in one short season, at about this time of the year but at time it staggered for a longer period, thus you might get to taste these seasonal fruit at other months in a year... Anyway there are other tropical fruits that are found all throughout the years, like the papaya, banana, pineapple and because it is always there sometime people just takes it for granted, that are there all the time... The coconut is a fruits but then Malaysian mostly use it for it milk and at time for its juice that are found in the young coconut, which taste great together with the white milky flesh... Now fresh young coconut are found all throughout the years in supermarkets and it is a delicacies by itself... As for the old coconut it is mostly use for it milk that are got from the shredded coconut flesh... But now with the advance in research and the technology, coconut milk now come is packet ready to use or it is pack in powder form ready to use by just adding water and you have an instant coconut milk... Malaysian curry use coconut milk, so are most traditional cakes... So coconut is always used in tradition cuisine of the Malays... Traditional cooking would not taste the same without the use of fresh coconut milk..... As for fruits the one that draws the most attention is the Durian and it is eaten just like that or make into cakes for later on consumption for tea time... Unlike the fruits from the temperate climate, tropical fruits do not last long, when ripe it has to be consume fast otherwise it rots and would then just go to waste... That is why eating tropical fruits is good because it is always fresh... The old one or not fresh just rots away and could not be eaten... So visitors to this country should stop at the stalls that sell these tropical fruits and eat and enjoy it on the spot... Durian especially because of its smell are not allowed into the hotels or place with air condition, so if you want to taste this great and tasty fruits do it where you buy it, get the seller to open the fruits in front of you and just eat it there and enjoy the aroma and the taste that come only from Durian...For no other tropical fruits had this kind of smell... You might be repelled by the strong smell the first time but eventually you would love the aroma and of course the taste of the King of the Fruits.. Now fruits such as the Duku, Dukong, Mangosteen, Rambutan and Pulasan are in season also, so do try it if you happen to be here at this season... And of course do not miss the Durian.... , Have a nice day......

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