Sunday, June 06, 2004

Let me thanks Muhammad for visiting my site .... Not many people use the comment column, more write direct to me....Well anyway thanks you very much for your comment....It is indeed great to get feedback, for how do we progress without listening to others... Remember we are not alone in this wide world....And I respect whatever view others have, irrespective of my liking, for I believe in the freedom to express.....Human... We are individual are we not.... Alone we could not do much but collectively we could makes much difference......Muhammad is a stranger that walk in..... Like I had said before, it start as a stranger...for stranger is the friend you have yet to meet and I hope in due time we could meet in person.....Sir.. Like any other country in the world, Malaysia is not perfect but then it is just forty seven years old.... I think it is not fair to compare to the development of the small neighbor....They have a small population and live on an island they could easily managed .. And they do not inherit the racial population of Malaysia.... Anyway remember their prosperity depend also on the prosperity of Malaysia..... Anyway personally I do not want to live in such a society where the cost of living is so high and one had to live in a confined space all the time... Lucky for them Malaysia welcome them with open arms and their cars could ply up and down our highways without paying a daily toll, whereas Malaysian car crossing the causeway had to pay S$30.00 a day..... Anyway lets not fret about that... Life is like that.... After all we are good neighbor.... As for my beloved country Malaysia... How do one define patriotism... I just do not know.... This is the only country that I could call home and I love my home..... I have been around since the days of the British and know very well the phase of developments of the country. Thanks to farsighted leadership and good governance.... The country have progress from a mere peasant economy to become a great trading country is just a short space of time.... Remember when we had just the clothing on our back and foods was limited to the basic and housing was just in huts or dilapidated long houses....But now almost everyone own houses or live in good housing and had a good income...Foods a plenty....The infrastructures are superb, so what is there to complain....In fact for a person of my generation I just could not dream of such a life style in my life time...Then it did happen and I am extremely happy about it..... Of course there are problems like corruption....Tell me which country in the world have got rid of this evil... We are not perfect, that I agreed but then which country are perfect.... Action is being taken to take care of the problem and I believe in the year to come this evil would be reduce.... I do not believe it could be eradicated totally in the market economy system which is here to stay... But remember we are just forty seven years old and some countries in the west that have been around for thousand of years, still this evil continue to exist.....Look what happen in Iraq now, the United Nations oil for food and medicine programs there... The mismanagement and corruption there and there are others in the so called developed countries... So is this not any form of the evil that we call corruption... In the early part of my career in the government we work for the country and got paid for doing just that and nothing else but now it is different, in those days people give hamper and it was considered just gift...But now it is term as being corrupt.... Value change my friends and I believe with time the country values would change as well for good and forge forward to a greater height.... We are learning all the time and I am sure we would find our own solution to this ever presence evil... I have travel the world and have live in the west.... Living in Kuala Lumpur and living in Boston is no difference except for the weather, the standard of living is the same, everything that you need to live a life style like the American we have here but in Malaysia it is cheaper... But friends remember we are just forty seven years old and the USA is already three hundred years....I believe if we are not disturb by the big power we would achieve a great height in not too distance future.....Malaysia is not an easy country to govern....To managed it the government must be smart in it social engineering programs...The race factor, the single most important factor for a stable country had to be handle with care, so as to turn it into national assets rather then liabilities...This is one reason why we just could not go any faster...And then we have the Malay factor, which the government had to give special help all the time and had to stop sometime in the future....... Had it not been for these factors....Malaysia today could out beat Australia in national economic development but then what are achievement if we have more poor then the middle class and the rich and the country is racially polarized and the social life in turbulent.....There would never be peace..... At the present with the success of the development programs and the economic cake are being fairly distributed..everyone are happy and enjoying life....Of course there are those that always not happy....That is the real world.... Malaysia today could boast of having full employment, the people living in peace and harmony and prosperity could be seen everywhere you go.....And because we quantum leap to this situation we now had to relied on two million of immigrants workers to sustained our economy... So my dear friend as a social engineer that was involved in the social engineering of the society in the early part of our independence and then up to the eighties...I believe that I know what is going on and have confident in the way our country is govern.... Of course there are black sheep but who say that this world is perfect....You are right in being concerned my friend...We all should be concern and not be contented....That is because we love this country more then anything else.....To me it is the only country that I got and I am enjoying living in it everyday of my life...... Merdeka! [the shout of Independence]

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