Monday, May 10, 2004

Thanks those people at Blogger for this new interface.... Well like any new changes we all have to start getting use to it but somehow I still love the old way.... I guess we human takes time to adapt to changes... Anyhow it look great and I would get use to it.... On Blogging I have been blogging for almost a year already and enjoy everyday when I blog.... I get feedback from all over the world and recently received one from a lady in St.Petersburg in Russia.... It was indeed great to know that people of all walk of live enjoy reading my blog... to me it is a win win situation.... I love to write and was hoping that it would in a way contribute to the literary world and of course as information for all... For what's are information and knowledge if we did not share with our fellow being.... I am indeed indebted to those people at Blogger for making blogging so simple and in doing so has made this world of ours so small.... The cybespace our new frontier where we could communicate across continents in mere space of time.... time and distance are no longer a constrain in getting in touch or just to disseminate information for our common good.

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