Sunday, May 30, 2004

Someone shouted... Mouse! Mouse! Mouse! And some would scream and jump up the stools or whatever that are higher and sreeeam... And some would look just as scare.... For God sake!.. Why are this happening when one see a mouse... After all this mouse is just a small creature.... Actually not that bad looking and at time real cute... What make some people react in such way I wonder.... Perhaps it is in their gene.... Well that is us Human being... The most intelligent species of them all and yet we seem to be not that intelligent at all when confronted with a situation when we see a mouse crossing our path... The mouse actually do not care of our present at that space of time and were most probably on his or her way to a picnic some place interesting.... Who knows what's in the mind of this little creature.... Well we human are funny people... We sometime think the whole wide world is only for us and others like the mouse are a nuisance.... Well think again my dear friend, what would be life in this blue marble without those creature... I believe it would be a dull life indeed..... Mouse, Rat or Mice...Well call whatever you like and they really the same in some respect... They are everywhere and so what do we do with them... One thing I know for sure, they do not like places that are spot clean and they love the dirty and untidy places.... So if we do not want their company.... Do keep the places clean all the time and that is what we do to our habitat..... Well sometime they do appear.... Like I had just said.... May be they are on their way to somewhere else.... On a holiday I supposed.... Well do not think that only we human goes on holidays... They do too... I think!!!... Anyway... Let me tell of my interesting encounter with a little white mouse.... Some years ago, a small white mouse somehow got into the bowl of my toilet, the toilet is pink in color and on looking I saw this little creature trying very hard to get out of the bowl.... As we all know toilet bowls have smooth surface and it make its difficult to climb and get out of it.... When I first saw this mouse, it was trying very hard to climb and it just could not do it and in no time it would just drown in the toilet bowl..... So.. Since I do not like it to just die of drowning or by accident of flashing... Personally I do not like killing, anything alive for that matter... It is not in my gene and it never will.. I decided to save it for I always treasured life.... So how do I get this creature out....It is not that easy..... So after thinking about it, I got a long stick and holding one end put the stick into the toilet bowl touching the water.... The mouse began to panic and after a moment it just climb on the stick and walk up and as soon as it get to my hand, it panic again and bit my hand and then jump to safety....And that was the last I saw of this white mouse..... Well I did saved this little creature but in the process got bitten by it.... It is no joke to get bitten by a rat or a mouse... Now it is my turn to worry..... So I decided to get to the nearest doctor since I am worry about being bitten by a mouse....I rush and on the advise of the doctor, I got a jab and that was it... So as you know it is dangerous to get bitten by a rat or mouse, it might transmit disease that are harmful to us human.... So lucky for me I managed to get a jab fast and I believe doing that help me to get rid of whatever disease including the psychology one..... I am happy that I got the mouse out of the toilet bowl and I believed it really did not want to bite me... It was just an accident.... I am glad that I saved a life....That is important to me.... I am happy that I did that and up till now I remember saving this little mouse... This is true story and a life experiences... A small episode in the journey of my life.... Well.. That is life... And now about the story of mouse again.. Another kind of mouse.... I believe we all have a friendly mouse by our side beside the computer now, for without it we would not be able to operate the computer with ease.... With the electronic mouse it makes communicating and interacting with the computer much simpler... Actually the mouse has become a very important part of our computer... It is an extension of ourselves and the computer.. I have a wireless one, as well as the wired one and both are as friendly and I know this one do not panic and would bite me.... The other way may be... In frustration or in depressions we might bite this mouse...It is alright.... It is just another electronic tools... Well that is the story of the mouse.... What would we do without this electronic mouse.... I just do not know and until they find another way to communicate with the commuter.... we all must have a mouse all the time beside us..... The one I am using now is rather cute and I love it.... So life is like that.... We human and the creature had to cooperate if we were to survived in this blue planet of ours.... Look! Look! There is a mouse under your table.... So here are some mouse...... Have a nice day.....

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