Thursday, May 27, 2004

I am indeed surprise to received an email from my friend who is now working in Bali..... Surprise because normally I only get news from his other half....Not only I get an email from him, after replying like I usually do, immediately, I received a reply soon after that.... Well it look great to get news from this friend of mine... He has spend all his entire live in the hospitality industry and like all old folks, eventually he was retired..... Well like everyone in the golden age, we had to retire whether we like it or not.... Some people just do not want to retire but then that is the way with being employed, when your day comes you have to leaves.... So He left the scenes somewhat reluctant and then with all the times in the world at his disposal, He went to enjoy life by traveling all over the world... And He did came over to visit us in Kuala Lumpur.... As with everything in life, things are not always as rosy all the time, there would be some hiccup in our journey of life... And He soon had to seek employment again..... Luck was on his side and he was eventually asked by a friend to run a known resort in Bali... According to his mail it was just like 'fish getting into the water'.... He was really happy indeed to be working again and I hope that He would continue to be happy like before and have a great time in his new place of employment..... Getting employed again in the golden age is no joke.... He must be someone with special skill to be offered the job.... Well some people are lucky... So that is that about this friend of mine and I wish him luck in his new job.... Have a great day my friend Jer....I share your happiness.....

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