Friday, May 21, 2004

Sonia Gandhi of India, what a great lady she is, a leader who took over the Congress Party when it was on the way toward moribund and turn it back to its former glory.... And when the Congress Party won the recent election in India, the world largest democracy, despite all odds.... And she was offered to be the new Prime Minister of India, She honorably turn it down.... What a Lady, she is not only a great leader but a statesman as well.... A rare one indeed.... When in some democracy some so called elected leader clamor for leadership when the election result are still in doubt.... But she despite being the rightful claim to the post of the PM, decline it for she believe that the Party and the country is more important then herself and that the country should be lead by someone else that would served the PM post better and the person is non other then Dr.Manmohan Singh, the experienced leader of the Congress Party...... By refusing to accept the post of the PM, she has shown to the world that there are other ways of serving the country... she has rightfully chosen to stay in the background and contributes to the success of her party's goal in running India..... She is not only a great leader and a statesman, but to me She is larger then life itself..... I am sure her decision has taught here two sibling, Rahul and Priyanka Vadra.... a Great Wisdom that do not come always in the history of mankind..... The world salute you..... May you have a great life.... May God bless India...

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