Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You would have notice that I have done a face lift to my blogsite, so as to make it more interesting as well as informative, the picture of the twin tower reflect the modern Kuala Lumpur, a great and clean city in this part of the world.... It is a first world facilities and once inside the Mall at the twin tower, one would be astonished to find that everything that one find in a Mall in western cities are there and more... The more being the food courts that are locate on two floors and it would take years if you were to try to sample all those foods at those stalls.. And for the up class savvy there are great restaurants when various sumptuous spreads are there for those who want to wine and dine in a more sophisticate atmosphere..... It is a bit costly at these restaurant but then you get what you pay and came out of it not only satisfied with a good meals but had an enjoyable time as well... As for the price at the food court, it is not that expensive and affordable to everyone and the foods are great and the eating environments clean as well as pleasing and confortable.... With varieties of food of different culture that makes the Malaysian society.... it is a sorts of a daily food fest....Found only in this great country, the melting pots of traditional foods of all the races that makes the Malaysian, together with the modern foods from the western cuisine and the know fast food of the western world...., the food courts at the Mall should be a must visit for those that visit Kuala Lumpur.... A One spot where you would find all the foods of the Malaysian kitchens......And at my site... You would have notice that I had put a clock telling the time in Kuala Lumpur... This I hope would give some ideas to the readers of my blog, of the Time in Kuala Lumpur at the time of their surfing my blog.... At least I hope it would make them feel like being in Kuala Lumpur or yearn to visit it sometime later.... You have a friend in Me here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, if you need a friend to show you Kuala Lumpur, my city and city that I love and know very well indeed.... I would love to give my service gratis to any visitor who need to know this city, do get in touch with me so that we could meet perhaps just for a chat over coffee at the KLCC.... Remember that strangers are friends that you have yet to meet... And The only way to have a friend is to be one.... Have a nice day.

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