Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday again and it look like that nowadays time flies so fast and hardly you realized its, it is already another week....I remember our foster daughter in Italy send in her computer for those check up....Like we human do....If not it would be in trouble, got sick or in the computer world they say it 'hanged' often and it would makes surfing the net miserable..... Well that is the real world.... It is not only us human that got sick.... I guessed that machine also got sick.. Anyway I hope she get back her computer back in good working condition and can start surfing again.... Me.... I am addicted to the cyberspace.... The net has now became a part of my life and it is becoming an extension of myself.... I just could not do without it..... It is a great tool to communicate and since I blog, it has become a place that I put my thoughts everyday, for it keeps my faculty healthy and at the same time help to disseminate information to others, hoping that those information would do others some good, thus making this world of ours a great place to live..... On the world front... The oil price is up again and the war in the Middle East especially Iraq and the Palestine are not getting better, instead it is getting worst.... The same it look like in Afghanistan... Wherever the foreign power try to interfered in the internal politic of a country, it usually get our of control..... Those big powers in the west should understand that it take times for thing to change and political development in any country would only comes at it our pace.... Imposing one's value would not help, in fact it would worsen situation..... The west especially the colonialist has done great damage to the world already in the past when they colonized countries in Africa, Asia and the Latin Americas.... They should have learned that colonization would not solved problems but instead would makes it worse.... According to news that we are getting from inside Iraq and Afghanistan, the situation was better before the those big powers invade the countries..... So what is the purpose of all those war, that have brought above destruction and death, when it look like it is not getting better..... Like I have said before.... The situation in Iraq is in a mess and the invading forces should leaves now and hand over the country to the United Nations to handle it... This is the only way to avoid more bloodshed and bring humanity back to this great and ancient country..... My hope that those leaders in the west come to their senses fast so that more lives could be saved and Iraqi could live in peace again..... Take a pause and think hard on this.... War never solved anything.... But wisdom would.....

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