Friday, May 14, 2004

Indeed a great day....It is Friday again and I have just received a long email from our foster daughter who live in Italy....It was indeed a touching letter and its inspired me.... Reading through it I cried... For it really touches me....Deep inside of Me...I am indeed glad that happen.... It is a rare moment indeed and this letter really make me feel good.... Real good.. Especially on this day of Friday.... A great day for us the people of the Books.... Thanks Joan for those thoughts of your... As usual I printed it so that my other half could read it .... It is a rare moment like this that we at this age are fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful people near and afar... Making our life so wonderful and beautiful.... Thanks again my dear for those wonder of words that makes your email comes to live.... Just a day ago I talk about the wonder of that breakfast and I supposed that we have indeed enjoyed that kind of breakfast or at least the coffee that we have had that morning and in between those sips of the hot steamy coffee our minds would roams wild, thinking of our love one near and afar and those friends that continue to make our life so meaningful.... Like that Mat Salleh in the 'Great' Britain, whose email make me want to laugh and surely He would laughed at this and wonder why I put the apostrophe on both side of the word Britain.... Well I really do not know why it is 'Great' Britain and sometime it is referred to as the UK 'United' Kingdom.... Perhaps Paken could explain this..... Let leave this at that until we find an answer.... Let me turn to a book I am reading now 'The Malayan Trilogy' by Anthony Burgess, that bring me back to the days of my youth... The page came to life as I read it and in one instance the History teacher was telling the pupils about the Industrial Revolution and that industries are important for the well being of humankind..... He say that it would give the people more good things in life and they could enjoy life.... A Malay boy reply that in the Kampong [village] they are already enjoying life, so why must the have this industry... The teacher reply that the industry would produce things like shoes, fans, and the like had to be made....It is not like the coconut, and the fruits that would fall from the tree.... If you want shoe someone had to make it and that is an industry..... Well the boy continue saying that before they built road, we could walk bare footed but now with roads it is painful to walk on it.... The teacher said that the roads are for the cars and not for walking.... So the stories goes.....Interesting Eh!! The mind of the simple folks in the kampong....Yes when I was growing up in the kampong, we have no need for shoe to go wondering in the jungle... We have no need for car to get to the town... We just walk... In fact we all walk to school everyday without complain.... Now they have school bus taking children to and fro school... Well that is progress I supposed.... Sometime I wonder.... We keep producing things... Some of it we do not really needs... And we still keep producing and life did not seem to get better but instead became more complicated... So where do we go from here.... I wonder..... Lets have a cup of coffee.....Remember!!!
Perhaps drinking this cup of coffee would help to improved the life of those hard working farmers in Africa and the Latin Americas.... those simple folks whose life style have remain the same.... and still growing coffee so that we may enjoy those cuppa of good coffee.... Be thankful that they did and for that let me give thanks to all those hard working folks out there, whoever and wherever they are.... Thanks for making our life so wonderful...

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