Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Google News

Well I have being using Gmail for more then a week already and I found it to be better then the other free email address....It has all the features of making writings email easy and fast, like address get recorded automatically, spell check done quick and it remember email that are frequently use fast... Now it is typing just the start of an email address and the rest is easy and in this way one do not make mistake of writing email address.... It look like it is going to stay and out beat the others in no time... I have decided to use Gmail more often now that I am getting use to it.....and hopes to make it as my default email in due course.... What I would like to have now is an icon to put on the desktop and a pop up to show that an email has arrived...This pop up should be different from the one that are use by the other email address..... May be announcing the arrival of a new mail using the blue color which is cool or the green color of nature together with a voice reminding the arrival of a mail.....Great job to those at Google.....Those short advertisement at time help...It is ok with me....Thanks to those that contribute in making this email address so user friendly....

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