Saturday, May 29, 2004

Makan in Malay mean to eat and makanan is foods and since Malaysian love to eat all the time, when you are here you would often hear Malaysian say " lets go for makan " ... For eating is a pastime and is part of our culture..... You named it and we have it here.... For Malaysia is a melting pots of the world cuisine especially the Asian cuisine.. It is only in Malaysia, under one roof you could find foods of varieties you would never find in other parts of the world..... True... I am not joking....Just visit any of our food courts and you would be surprised to learn the varieties of food available for eating anytime of the day....Yes! Anytime... Some eating places open twenty four hours... Even the Mamak's [Indian Moslem]Restaurant do.... I can assured you that you would love Malaysian foods..... The next time you visit Malaysia do try the Malaysian foods.... Just do away with your usual breakfast, lunch or what else you have been eating in your homeland.... Try Malaysian and once you are at it, you would surely want more of it.... As for today let me introduce you to one of the meal that I enjoyed.... It is a simple complete meal that originated in China or the Chinese world.... As you are aware Malaysian are a mixed up nationalities.... The Chinese are a big minority.... Thirty five percent of the population of twenty five million Malaysian... Their forefather migrated to this country in search of the 'gold' in the then Malaya and having found it decided to stay and today they are full blooded Malaysian and with them came the Chinese cuisine.... And the Chinese really know how to makes simple food became a delicacy.... One of it that I love is the Chicken Rice or in Malay we call it Nasi Ayam Nasi mean Rice and Ayam Chicken.... So it is simply known here As Kai Fun in it original Chinese..... Anyway it does not matter what you call it... Just ask for Chicken Rice and you would get what I meant as Nasi Ayam and in Malaysia all food are Halal unless otherwise stated, so do not worry when eating at the Mall in the shopping complex or at any hawkers stalls, the food there are all Halal... Well what is a Chicken Rice.... Ok...Let me explain, first we have the Rice which is specially steamed unlike the ordinary Rice that you or me often eat.... It is a special blended steamed Rice and it is served with specially prepared Chicken... It could be roasted, deep fried with honey or just steamed chicken... The the roasted one is usually like any roasted beef, it is golden brown in color, the skin is crisp and tasty to eat, the deep fried one look the same like the roasted one, excepted that it is prepared a different way and honey is coated on the skin and the other one is simply a steamed chicken and it is White in color.... So now you have three varieties of Chicken to go with the Rice.... You may selected all or just one. It is up to you... Anyway it is all good and tasty.... I am sure you would lick your finger for its great taste.... Well.. Thinking of it already makes me hungry.... Together with the rice and the chicken comes the little side dishes, vegetables like sliced cucumber with spring anion, bean sprouts fried with a little salted fish or the like and of course the steaming hot chicken soup is served, in this soup you would find some salted vegetable like cabbage or other vegetables.... And with all these comes the two sauce in small plates, the Soya sauce and the chilly mixed with ginger sauce.... These sauces are a must if you want to enjoy eating Chicken Rice.... And in some restaurant there are add in which you could order separately... But as a whole Chicken Rice comes in a package as I had mention above.... As for refreshment just ask for Chinese tea...... So why wait.... Get going to the nearest food courts.... To sample the Chicken Rice..... But I am sure it would not be the same as it is prepared in Malaysia..... Remember this once Chinese delicacies have crosses racial and traditional barrier of the Malaysian multi racial nationals, the Chinese started it, the Malay has added some of it touch and.... Voila here we have a great Malaysian delicacy.... That only Malaysian knows how to prepare... This is how its looks..... So lets go Makan....

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