Sunday, May 23, 2004

[The Teh Tarik] .....It has been a great Sunday.... Wake up early today and drove the Volvo classic to pick a friend up for a get together breakfast at a Mamak shop at Ampang Point.... I purposely took the classic car this morning for a drive, just to enjoy the drive in this beau, the only such car in this part of the town.... My friend and his charming wife were delighted to see the Volvo classic.... It was nostalgic to them both, for when they were young this was one of the car that their boss drive to work.... As usual wherever I park this car it draw attention and make those people just like these couple happy this Sunday morning..... Well both of us drove on to our breakfast meet and had a wonderful breakfast of the traditional Indian Apong and of course the special tea with milk that we here famously call the Teh Tarik..... A specially blended tea with condense milk and served steaming hot.... It would not be that breakfast without this teh tarik.... Visitors to this country must try this teh tarik for it is only in Malaysia that it is well prepared and has the uniqueness of been specially Malaysian.... And those that really makes good teh tarik is the Mamak or the Indian Moslem.... These are special breed of Malaysian that once migrated to this country in search of the 'gold' of the Old Malaya.... They make their fortune and stayed and now there are know as the Mamak..... Do visit the restaurant that they operate where special curry delights are served all day long with rice to go.... Another on the menu that I should mentioned is the Mee Mamak.... A sort of a spaghetti or noodle like fried with eggs and mixed with curry and it is delicious eaten steamy hot..... It goes well too with the teh tarik.... Mee mamak is special and if ever you are at a Mamak Restaurant do try this dish... Where only in Malaysia that one could find this special Mamak treat...... Well we sat at the table outside the shop, in the open air and in the cool morning and enjoy our breakfast and of course chat on various subject and enjoy the day meeting friends that come and go at this famous Mamak shop at Ampang Point......

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