Thursday, July 15, 2004

I just do not know why some people do not want to use their own name when sending email.., It is alright to use your registered user name but your real name should appear when sending mail.. They would use all sort of other names but their own.... I thinks there is something wrong with these people.. He or she probably have some sorts of a psychological problems and I think to some degree it shows the profile of such a person, like afraid of something or others.... I simply do not like to get email message from such address especially those that do not reveal their own name.... Just the other day I received an email from someone who works in one of the states in the Malaysian Borneo, who just refer himself as just siapa aku which translated into English means 'Who's Me or Who am I'... And to makes matter worse he use the Malay word aku instead of saya.... Using the Malay word aku to mean yourself to the general public is rather rude, the word saya would be a better word when making contact with the publics at large, especially to any new acquaintances or someone you have yet to meet... aku meaning Me is used among close friends only.... Why are these people hiding behind such name in their email address, I just do not really understand.... Perhaps they are worried to exposed themselves for the fear of the unknown.... To all such people out there I would like to advise them that they should not be afraid or shy to use their own name in an email address.... Instead they should be proud of their own name and used it as often as possible... Writing behind such a name shows that they are hiding something or are just afraid of exposing themselves.... So please be human about it and get out of that cocoon and be yourself....For being your true self is more important and precious than anything else... Hiding something!!...Is not a good sign, so be sincere about yourself and with that you would be able to handle the world better.... Have a nice day.....


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