Monday, July 12, 2004

This weekend we decided to leave for Malacca, we left the city at just past eight on Friday and took the North South Highway toward the south...As usual we got to the Sungei Besi Highway Toll and after going through the toll plaza, we proceed to the Malacca via the Air Keroh toll plaza..... Just after the toll plaza, I thought about my cell phone and took it to see whether it is ok, the reason being that our daughter and her friend wanted to do a tour of the city and that we would leave them at the city centre and than we would proceed to our apartment at Pantai Putri, with the cell phone it would be easy for us to contact each other later.... And when I look at my cell phone I found that there was no network connection, it is just blank, but the battery is ok so I check the micro chip to see whether it is in placed, with electronic sometime a slight miss match or not in contact the cell phone would not work... After doing all that I know about this cell phone I still could not see any network connection...So I decided to check the other phone that belong to my wife and it is still the same... I stop the car and decided to do a through check but it look like both cell phone are out... While driving I wonder what has happen to our cell phones, has the system network of the company broke down or what has happened.... It look like that we would not be able to use both cell phones for now.... When we got to the center of the city I drop our daughter and her friend and told them that since the cell phones could not be used and if it still like that later on, then we would not have any meant of communication with each other, as the apartment, there is not telephone.... With the introduction of the cell phone we have disconnect our fixed line phone at the apartment since we hardly used it now.....Our daughter say that not to worry and that they would take a cab after they have done their tour of the city....Well it is fine with us and I drove on and got to the apartment and still wondering and hoping that at this location I would get a connection, but still I did not get any connection and I keep asking others about this problem and did not seem to get anywhere.... So at the reception counter I asked the receptionist and almost all of them could not help me, until a young lady say that she had the same problem before and that she might be able to help... She say that you have to check the network and she did it and soon we got our cell phone running again, Oh! What a relief....After getting use to life with the cell phone...Without one, I am almost lost.... Like all new electronic gadgets, the young gets to it like duck to the water, but to people like me, in our golden age, the few things that I know about the cell phone are to makes call, received call, store telephone numbers in its memory bank and a little of SMS, other then that...I know very little about this tiny communication unit,whereas the young would used it in so many other ways, for games, calculator, and downloading music tone and others....Well it look like today I learned something new about using this cell phone... That is to check the network if the phone just go blank... As I had often said....We all keep learning and that is life....And the cell phone is now part of our life for without it we all are lost of how to communicate at an instance.... That is life with the cell phone.... Never leave your home without it, that is my motto now.... That is the new world we live now and cell phones are getting more sophisticated now, with camera and other features, like sending email and more..... To be in the know I guessed that I have to keep learning.... What a life in this golden age....Great....

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