Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Blogging, yet another day and life continue to be wonderful.... Just an hour or so I met a friend at a coffee shop having his breakfast of tosei and teh tarik, among the usual breakfast that million of Malaysian have every morning, He ask me to join him for breakfast.... Malaysian always invite friends who happen to be around at eating time to join in and sometime it happen to friendly stranger also.... It is our way and it has been like that all the time that I know...., the Chinese Malaysian, when meeting friends or other would greet with the usual greeting of " Sudah makan" in Malay, which mean Have you eaten.... The Chinese never greet the westerner's way of saying How are you..... They always say Have you eaten..... It is their concerned for the wellbeing of their fellow being, that makes them greet others  this way.... It is indeed a beautiful way of greeting others.... Now a day one just say Hi or How are you or 'Apa khabar' which in Malay mean How are you..... The greeting may differ among Malaysian, but it meant the same.... It is a contact point to start the friendship or to make one.... I did not accept the invitation of my friend to join him for a drink  simply because I am having a takeaway of the same breakfast back to my house to enjoyed it with my wife and daughter, I do this from time to time for the love of it all.... Enjoying breakfast with my dear one..... I took the takeaway and thanks my friends for the invitation and head for home before this takeaway get cold....... That was this morning breakfast of tosei .... A favorite south Indian breakfast spread, that had been Malaysianised......... That is how my day start today..... Great......To all my friends.... Have a nice day......

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