Tuesday, July 06, 2004

This is the patio of our house, it is call the Serambi in Malay... It is a place to sit and relax with friends for a cup of coffee, just for the fun of it and enjoy... All traditional Malay houses have serambi but in today's modern houses this part of the house has been left out and not to be seen anymore ...And as for my house I had it specially built to reflect my love for the tradition and the feeling that comes with the Malay traditional house.... Nostalgic I guessed... We would sit lotus style on a mat and relax.... A great concept of making it part of the house and yet it is outside the main house, thus it does not bother others if you and your friends stayed late to yarns and chat there.. What an interesting concept and it shows the wisdom of the past, our great heritage and the way to enjoy life in a simple way.....  Posted by Hello

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