Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Oh! Youth...What a time in your life!, say my friend who live in the California desert.... She has since sold her home in the desert and move to Tucson, Arizona and is still look for a new home..., the last I heard from her that she is still living in the suitcase and with a laptop computer given by her son, she has managed to wonder into cyberspace and that is how I know that she is still active and still looking for a new habitat to live... Like I had said before.... We human move all the time and if possible we do not like to be at the same spot all our live.. Of course there are a few that just do not want to move at all, but then these are the very few.... Most of us just love moving around and I guessed that is why we have legs and the brain to think of how to get around faster.... We are as yet satisfied of the speed of getting around and we are all the time looking of means and ways of getting around faster..... With our great asset the brain, we have develop the capacity to think all the time so that we human would have a better quality of life as we go on and one way of improving our quality of life is to be able to communicate better,thus the internet and with that we now have another media to communicate with ease and faster.... As for the physical way of transporting ourselves we have managed to invent machines that could fly faster and faster and eventually we would be able to get where we want to go on this planet faster then ever before... And in doing so we would surely improve our quality of our life beyond the dream of our forefathers... Coming back to the subject of Youth, to me it is a very interesting period of our journey of life... It is at this period that we would venture into many uncharted and unknown territories and experiences many new things that at time look rather foolish but youth is like that a period of challenges between peer group.... As most of us are single or unattached during this period, we would do things and wonder with excitement in what we do, like party all night long and enjoy careless about the new world that we would be going through, you makes friends along the way and at time you makes enemies as well for we are never without fault.... Some of the friendships last and some just became an acquaintance and as years goes by you soon lost track of them... But some of your closes friends, whether of the same sex like you or not you thence to stick around and continue to be friends..... As you progress in life with the energy of youth, you venture further and then when you have enough education, you go on to pursue you ambition and your career.... And just as you are at the peak of your youth, you met someone and love blossom... And in most cast in our culture you get married and settled down..... And began to live a life that are difference from that you left, the life as a single during your youth.... You now have responsibility that come with the new environment... And your live as a youth slowly began to end and you soon wonder what a change it has been and wished that you would be able to return to the land of 'youth' forever and continue enjoying life like no tomorrow.... But then as human you just could not just do that....For in our journey of life...Youth comes only at one time in that journey and if you do not use it to the fullest, then you miss that great opportunity... So to all those young people, with reasons do all those things and enjoy your youth and believe me you would never regret for that great moment in you life,as a youth... And as for me I am be proud to have gone through that kind experience in my Youth, for the period of youth just come but once in our entire life time... I love my 'youth' and enjoy every minute of whatever I did and have no regret at all for whatever happen, has happened and I believe that life is like that and we should enjoy every minute of it especially during our youth, for it is during our youth that we have more energy and the will to face all kind of challenges that came before us..... It is indeed a wonderful time the 'youth' in all of us....So my advise to all those young people, make "hays while the sun shines"....For this sun do not shine always..... Have a go with the time and you would surely have plenty of experiences and wisdom to talk about it at your golden age....My friends that is life.....

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