Thursday, July 29, 2004

Got a SMS from our niece in Kuantan saying that her mother is seriously ill and in hospital, call her to find the latest situation and was told that this time it is rather serious, I discuss this with my wife and she say that we should visit her........ Well we decided to visit her the next day, that mean we have still to use the old road to Kuantan.... I had wanted to visit Kuantan, my hometown when the new Highway open to the publics come this August, but then we just could not wait for that day but instead to go early and visit here at the hospital....And then proceed with our holiday on the east coast.... So just after nine on Friday I drove to Kuantan and arrived there as usual four hours later..... All over the roadside there are sign boards showing the direction to the new Highway that could be use in just a week away...... On arrival at Kuantan we decided to visit her straight away at the Kuantan General Hospital...... It is one of those thing of old age, complication and other factors when one get old..., She is almost seventy and lost her husband when she was rather young, she did not remarried..... They had three children, two daughter and a son and now the two daughters had married and had children of their own, so she is a grandmother now, the boy has yet go get married and live all the time in London and only came back from time to time..... Well that is life and all of us are in passing on the blue planet..... We saw her at the bedside in the first class section of the hospital and talk to her.....Telling her to be strong and take it east for illness is part of life and we all had it sometime or other  our life.... After the visiting hours end we left her and head for the nearest hotel to spend the night there, before proceeding to Kuala Terengganu the next morning.......


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