Saturday, July 03, 2004

Oh! What a great day....This morning at just past eleven in the morning a taxi came over to the house.... I was wondering why... Who had call a taxi on this Saturday morning.... Not me, maybe our daughter... But then she has just arrived home early this morning in a taxi from the Sentral station after a night traveling by train from Singapore and she and her fried are asleep now .... She could not get the bus to return to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore and instead took the night train from Singapore, that arrived in the wee hours of the morning at the Kuala Lumpur train station know as the Sentral Station, a new hub for trains and other means of communication that services the city of Kuala Lumpur.... The taxi stop at the gate and I was at the patio at that time, I saw the taxi driver alighted from the taxi and came over to the gate and asked me whether anyone had lost a small purse and that he had come to returned it to this address... I supposed that they got the address from the document inside the purse... Well for a few seconds I was lost... I asked the taxi driver whether He was the driver that send our daughter and her friend this morning and He said He did not and that another taxi driver did that... He continue to say that He had been asked to returned this purse that was found at the station.... He handed me the purse and I asked him to wait while I talk to my wife and wake up our daughter, who after the night train journey were exhausted and decided to sleep... And at the same time I unzipped the purse and true enough there inside the purse were our daughter's Identity Card,Credit Card and some changes... I paid the fare to the good taxi driver and thanks him for the good deed and at the same time send and an email of thanks to the authority at the Sentral... Well actually our daughter did not even realized that she had lost her purse and that only when it was returned that she realized the purse was missing....Thanks to those good people at the Sentral, the purse that contain among other things important documents... This incident manifest the value of our people who took upon themselves to do the good to others, thus result in the returned of the purse to its rightful owner, intact... What a Great relief to us that it is returned before it is even considered lost... Like I had said time and again....Life is a circle... If you do good deed and have good and caring heart you would not loose anything and in the greater scheme of things you would eventually be rewarded in some ways of others.... We have always teaches our children to be good and not to take anything that do not belong to them and if they ever found anything.., do take the trouble to return it to it rightful owner.... And at the same time do give a helping hand to others in time of needs... In my life things like these happen many times and I had always find a way to return the things that are not mine.... So today it is our turn to be on the receiving end.....That purse that was lost was returned before even the lost was notice....Thanks God for the guidance that had made this possible.... Good value and Us of being human, true to spirit of all our religious teaching... I had always believed that there are more good people with great hearts out there than those that are bad or evil.... I also believe the if we sow the good on our journey of life, goodness would be harvested in return and it is my belief that we should do all the good and give love sincerely without or never asking or want anything for doing it, just do it with the great feeling that you are doing something good and the rest leave it to the Creator to judge us, for the Lord knows and He is Love and the reward would just come when you least expected... Like what happen today.... The returned of the purse.... Is it not something to ponder... The magic of life itself.... Wonderful.. The true meaning of life... The beauty of life.... The spirit of being human... So on our journey of life, while we walk, run, climb and doing our daily works, do it diligently and with care, as well do its all in the spirit of goodness and love, and asked not for any reward or thanks, for it would come in due time... And when it comes you would feel so good that you something wonder whether you really deserved all the love and goodness that life brings from time to time.... Remember We all are in passing on this blue planet and if we could do just one good deed a day than life would be great and rewarding... The reward would manifest in many ways, that only time would tell.... For goodness would always be return with goodness...And Love would be returned with Love.... And with that life would be beautiful all through... What happen today shows that those people at the Sentral had good management style in their operation and with that comes the quality of people that they employed.., that in turn resulting in the product its services...A great services indeed... For my family and Me we salute those good people at the Sentral for a job well done, in the spirit of the Malaysian value that we deeply treasured... A heritage that had been passed down from generation to generation, in doing so making Malaysia great and it people greater then life itself.... Terima Kasih.....

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