Thursday, July 01, 2004

Smile!... It cost nothing to smile but It give others the beauty of life, which just could not be bought... It is a contribution that would makes life wonderful not only for yourself but to others that you makes contact when you smile... Is it not wonderful to have that special feeling of the wonder of a smile at the vary moment it happen.... You smile and the other smile back... You feel great and no amount of words could explain the enlivens and the feeling of love among us, so do smile for it not only brighten your day, its would as well brighten others as well... Once I visit a communist country and I was rather surprise that no one smile and when you look at them it is just like looking at a mannequin... Without the aura and the expression of love but instead you could feel that the person is afraid to even makes contact.... Maybe those people did not realized it but to us in Asia who are always friendly to others specially to strangers from another country, we fell the effect of such encounter.. It so inhuman... I believed that in a communist country that is so regimented, people do not like to make contact especially with strangers....Maybe they are afraid of being watch by big brother... But being in a free world we sometime forget that contact among human are an important factor of being human... When I was living in the USA, every time I walk among the crowed, some stranger would look at you and greet you by saying 'How you doing', or just 'Hi'!... And you return the greeting with a smile and reply that you are all right or simply 'Great'and end it of with 'Have a nice day or take care'... So you feel that you are not alone in the crowed...You are recognized and you exist in the crowed... But is some society people would just refused to make contact ... In Malaysia if you ask a stranger for help, He or She would try to help with a smile and it is a part of our culture to assist people who need a little information... That is our way and a thanks you and a smile would go a long way in making friends... So do smile for it cost nothing... Perhaps it could be the beginning of a new days of friendship in your life.... Who knows.... But if you refused to just smile or acknowledged a smile then you would be on the loosing end... For life is like that and someone has to start to communicate and it all start with a smile... Sure have a nice day and do not forget to Smile!!!

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