Monday, July 19, 2004

The renovation work at the ceiling is progressing well.... It is getting to look like the image of the ceiling that I had imaging in my mind..... To get to this level of artistic work I had to spend many hours of supervising the workers, for they lack the imagination, just a sorts of a semi skilled foreign workers that would just do any works that you ask them to do, they would always say they could do the work but if you do not supervised them all the time, the work would turn messy and not to your liking.... It cost money to do renovation works and if the job is not well done, it would ruin rather then getting the place  better then before.... So knowing this facts I took time off to do the supervision myself...... And I am happy that they followed all my instructions..... Of course sometime they do not like being told to this or that, but it is my house and I am going to see this renovation all the days later on and to the workers they would see it for a few days only and after that they would leaves and if the job is not well done, it is the house owner that would be left miserable..... So not to be in that position, I spend times to discuss with the workers what had to be done and it look like things are going fine up till now... One thing we should know that doing renovation works of a house is easy said then done and for some works it is difficult to get good contractor to do the job well and you yourself should have some skill in interior decoration if you want to get the job done to your liking, otherwise it is worth getting the service of professional, if not your money would be gone to waste, with a poor job... Most of the immigrant workers in this country say they could do the job, but Malaysian know well that from where these workers came, they simply do not have the know how of interior decoration except for a few, that you find from time to time.., you have to look for such person if you want to get workers that could do the job for you well... I got one person for this job but then he could not do it alone, so he had to get his friends to help, that is where the problem lies.... Some want to get a quick job done and get paid and some have no interest in the artistic approach, so one had to be extra careful when getting foreign workers to do the jobs that had to do with fine arts, like interior decoration... Since I love interior decoration and have some knowledge of this aspect of home decoration.... I did the supervision myself and for this I had to spend considerable time and at time get frustrated.... But then when dealing with such workers you had to expect it..... Like do not leave anything that you love, old woods, stoned or artifact lying around, they might not understand the value of these things and would use to cut timber or to support ladder or other uses.... This just happen to a piece of hard wood that I had kept all along for interior deco and they took it for a simple piece of wood to cut other wood on it, lucky I saw it before they create more damage to it.... So tell the worker not to touch any things that are around and to asked first before using anything that is yours.... It would save a lot of inconvenience later on..... I am happy that things are getting on as planned up till now and hope that it would turn out alright and we would have a new ceiling at the front of the house......Well that was my day.....

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