Thursday, March 18, 2004

[This is the symbol of UMNO, one of the political party that makes the coalition Party.... the BN]

I took our grandson from his house for a drive..... It is the school holiday now and Grandma want him to come over, so I went to fetch him........ While in the car, to my surprise He ask me whether I support the BN party...... Taken aback and for a second I was silence and wonder why He ask this question.... He is rather young to be asking about politic.... He just start schooling and now in standard two.... Anyway with all those bunting, flags and posters all over the roadsides and near his house.... and on TV and Radios..... I just could not blame him for getting exited for the coming election..... Well I reply that I am indeed a supporter of the BN party.... And his reply in that He support this party too.... He is just eight years old and already understand politic.... He keep talking about the election and the party he like and dislike.... And He give reasons for disliking a particular party..... I am .... Surprise... That my grandson has got into politics at this age...... I am not a politician..... although I am member of UMNO, one of the party that makes the coalition of the BN.... but just a member and not that active.... In fact my membership started in nineteen fifty eight, just after we got independence and I was then just nineteen years old.... And party politic is just beginning to get the interest of the general public.... I guess that is why I join this political party at that time..... It was the only party that was fighting for the Malay's right and the country's independence from the British....... Although I do not take active part in politic.... I do take great interest in the political development of my country.... So that is why this election is important to me..... We have since develop and there is a change in leadership now.... And I strongly believe that the present government should be given a new mandate to rule under this new leadership.... For I do not see any other political party that could form a good government other then the BN.... So to me the best choice is the present coalition parties know as the BN. ..... friend is my belief and I think most of Malaysian think like me as well.... Anyway come election day..... We shall see what is the choice of the Malaysian voters..... I believe my grandson would also want to know whether the party he support would win the election.... He cannot vote as yet but he is one of the potential voters in the year to come..... It look like ... That Malaysian learn politic fast these days...... At such a young age too..... It augur well for the Malaysian society as a whole and indeed it promise a great future for this country and its people........ So come election day.... My friends.... Do cast your vote.......

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