Tuesday, March 02, 2004

[ These are some images of the rapids and the adjacent river, great for canoeing.... an adventure of a life time ]

[ This picture of us at the site is taken by a kind youth who happen to be there wondering and exited just like us at this awesome sites]

On our way back from Kuala Lipis, we stop at this picturesque sites know as Jeram Besu [ Besu Rapid ].... It is situated south of Benta and on the right side of the road heading toward Raub.....There is a signboard showing this site..... so if you want to stop at this place, do slow down and you would surely not miss it... It is worth the stop.... it is a great place to do white water canoeing or just to lays around and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful surrounding of lush forest or just to do some fishing just for the fun of it all, or get on a shallow boat and cruise up stream to see the wonder of nature at its best, in an environment of its own..... Maybe if you are lucky you would be able to get a glimpse of the wild animals that wonder free in this jungle, their natural habitat.... Of course the floral and fauna is still at its best in this lush forest..... It is a paradise for the nature lover.... the rapid shown in this picture is a scene worth watching, it is something that we often see on our TV screen..... Here it is the the real thing... get to the site which is about one an half hours away from Kuala Lumpur and you would not be disappointed.... Prepare for a real white water holiday and enjoy the adventure.........

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