Saturday, March 06, 2004

It is one of those days that I woke up late.... Well, last night I slept late.... Was blogging and it feel real nice to blog.... It was Friday and as usual kept to the home front, do all those little things that had to be done and as usual attend the mid day prayer at the local mosque..... met the usual friends.... hear the same news.... An old friend.... was contemplating of changing his car.... His present car is an old Mercedes Benz bought some twenty years ago and actually in a despair.... I told him just to sell it off and by a new one and enjoy driving..... As usual he kept on postponing and give all sorts of excuses...... Most old folks are like that, they have a sort of attachment to their old cars..... But me I love new cars..... So I kept changing cars every few years..... so that I get to use new cars all the time.... I enjoy doing it.... for driving has became a part of me..... a sort of an extension of myself...... I would not want to use any old car for my usual driving but would love to own a vintage just as a hobby..... Am looking for one and hope that I would be able to get a vintage car this year if it fit my budget..... some of my friends has stuck to their old Volvo which are older then their first child.... I have join this group on their outing a few time and it look interesting..... Old folks in old car.... Having a great time..... Once I was following their convoy..... Since I did not drive a Volvo, I just drive behind their convoy.... My boy!!!! They really drive fast.... I hardly could catch up with them..... These old folks think they are still young I supposed.... Well... We all want to stay young if possible but then ages is catching up and we have to be careful not to allow our heart take over our mind.... It would be just foolish to allow our heart to rules..... Well that is life.... It continue to be interesting.... But then in this Volvo group.... I notice some young chap with their spouses joining the fun..... I hope that this young chap know what they are doing... Followings those crazy old man and woman around..... Fun.... I guess..... And some of those young guy not only brought their spouses but the kids as well..... Great .... Now we have three generation in a row.... the grand's.... the Ma and Pa and the kids... Interesting eh!!!

With the election fever on.... It is going to be an interesting month..... Election in this country has always been fun..... although it is a serious matter.... Me... I love election for I have been through it since the second election that was held after the country gain independence.... so to me and most of my generations it is just another ritual that happen once in five years or so..... Election in this country have so far been very well organized..... To vote one had to register as a voter.... It is easy for Malaysian to register because we Malaysian all have an Identity Card.... A very important document required by law..... So on election day you just have to show your Identity Card and if it match with your name and the ID number registered, then you are allowed to cast your vote.... Unlike some countries where there are no Identity Card, they had to resort to marking the finger with unwashable black ink.... to avoid double voting..... As one can see Malaysian are indeed fortunate to have the Identity Card...... So how do we all got this Identity Card ????.... Well it all start long ago during the colonial days, when the British rule this country.... especially when the country was fighting the communist terrorists..... So the British government then decided to register every one in the country and those that do not register are considered as our enemy..... Since the system of knowing the number of people that makes the population is good for the country.... this practice is made into law and every Malaysian had to carry an Identity Card all the time.... If found without, one could be prosecuted..... So come election day the Identity Card became the most important document of the day...... That is the Malaysian way!!!!.... For a fair election....

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