Friday, March 19, 2004

[these are images of the billboard, banner, bunting and flags... part of the election scene ]

It is Friday again and it is just two days away to Polling Day... this year Malaysian General Election...... As I have describe before, the whole country is decorated with bunting, flags, poster and banners of all the color of the political parties, It is like a scene in a carnival..... this festive scene would last till the election day and after that all this publicity materials for this election had to be taken down.... it is part of the rule of the Election commission and the Local Authorities..... Those parties that put up those banners, poster etc had to take it down after the election is over..... so from Monday onward these colorful scene would slowly vanished and life would return normal again.... It is the Malaysian way of practicing democracy...... once in five years when it is time to vote during the general election.....this is the year two zero zero four, ...... the eleventh election of the country........

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