Thursday, March 04, 2004

..... [The Prime Minister on his first visit to Penang after being appointed as the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia in November two zero three]

[1957 to 2004 ].....It was on August thirty first nineteen fifty seven that Malaysia gain independence from Britain after being colonized since fifteen eleven, when the Portuguese invaded the Kingdom of Malacca, thus start the process of colonization of the Malay states, then the Dutch took over follow by the British.... then the Japanese and then the British again until August thirty first nineteen fifty seven..... The first general election was introduce in the nineteen fifty five and since that time except for a brief period in nineteen sixty nine, when the parliament was suspended after a racial riot and a national emergency government was set up, the country saw ten elections... Ever since that time the country was govern by a democratic elected government.... This year election would be the eleventh...... According to the Election commission, the nomination day and the date for the election would be announced on the fifty of March......

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