Monday, March 29, 2004

Actually I am not that well today.... Got that Flu.... You are neither sick or well sorts of situation..... I am not that sure how I got this virus...... And it seem that from time to time I got this Flu virus..... As we all know too well there is no real cure for this kind of sickness..... Took the usual medicine and try to stay active.... It is my second week with this Flu.... Out of the blue got an email from a lady friend in Kuantan..... They were not happy with the political situation and from the tone of her letter they do not support the BN party and for once plaster their house with these opposition flags and banners as a show of protest.... Well we cannot have our way all the politic some party win and some party loose..... Well in this Election the BN won with a big majority.....And like before they would rule this country for the next five years..... So far they have govern well and today this country has prosper and we Malaysian have a high quality of life.... I do not see any reason to complain... That is democracy.... It is not a perfect system but it is the only one that is good for us... and so far it has served the people of Malaysia well..... My friends in Kuantan is obviously supporter of the opposition parties.....That is democracy and the reason we have a choice is that because we are a democratic country.....Well Fad.... Take it easy and tell Md to think seriously.... Would He be what He is today had it not been for the good governance of the present government.... I believe that the BN has provide us well and I have no complain..... Life have been good and why change for something that you do not even know..... Let stick to the party that you already know, even it is not that perfect..... Have a nice day.

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