Monday, December 01, 2003

When I start this blog, I did not want to touch on politic, a favorite subject of mine, but as things goes, I have from time to time did touch on politic, the reason being that we just could not divorce ourselves form the real world, after all politic is the real world...

Today is the world Aids day...It is indeed sad to hear of the death of the young in the fight of these dreaded decease Aids/Hiv, this is a deceases that is man made, had man follow the teaching of all the world's religions, there would not be Aids today, it is because of free sex that Aids has became one of the greatest killer of our time. It is not too late for us to take action so that our young and the still unborn child are saved from this dreaded and curse disease. Our young must be taught that sex is a serious matter and that they should be serious when involve in sex, all religion taught us that sex out of marriage is wrong, so our young must be made to understand that the wrong kind of sex activities could let to Aids/Hiv. Aids kill and it is not a joke anymore, it is a serious matter, according to some statistic some African countries would ceased to exist if the present Aids epidemic in these countries is not put to a halt...In south Africa it is said that out of ten person one person is suffering of Aids, and in the whole world now eight thousand person die of eight everyday.....So we all have the responsibility to address this problem, one way we could solved this problem is to go back to the way of life, our forefather live, a simple live, where sex is only for the married couple, it sound old fashion, but what else could we do, if we keep following the way some western society talk about the freedom of sex, then we are doom to fail and in the next few years more young people would die of Aids then because of War....Let take a pause and think...., we all could help, we should see that our children do not get involve in unsafe sex and make sex without marriage a forbidden and a sinful activities and against the teaching of all religion....I think if all parent can educated their children of the real danger of Aids, then at least half of the battle is won.....The past generation managed to do without free sex, why can't the present generation, who are supposed to be more intelligent understand the danger and abstain from doing these sinful activities.......We all should try to do our bit, perhaps we could together achieve some small success....Aids kill, so take care and avoid getting Aids....Let start with our own family...advise the kids on the danger of free sex and Aids/Hiv, at lease we try.....We did not get Aids/Hiv because we are smart....our children could be smart too....let us do our is still not too late.

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