Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I do now want to touch on War, for I hate War….but then things are not getting better…. for a start look at Iraq.... the so call invader/liberator 'won' the war in a mere short time, and the American President declare that the war is over....but look what happen now, it is not over and I believe it is the beginning of a long war to come.... the American underestimate the Iraqi people’s resilience....They were humiliated....I do not believe any nation on this planet can accept humiliation....So the Iraqi has start to fight back, I am beginning to think that it is their strategies to lie low for a while and then fight back and they are doing just that now, everyday we get news of American soldiers get killed and of course the others that went to help the American do get kill as well, like the British, the Italian, the Spanish, the Japanese, the Korean and others, so far hundreds have been kill on the collation side....of course there are many Iraqi die as well.....It look like it is going to be another Vietnam to the American and more and more young American would die in the course of the occupation...If the American do not leaves soon, I believe the whole Middle East area would be suck into this terrible war and eventually it would spread to those countries that help the American in Iraq....look at what happen in turkey....those people that are fighting America do not have any allegiance to any particular countries...they have their own agenda and if this kind of war goes on, then everywhere are not safe any more..... Remember the happening of Sept eleven.... who would have thought that such thing could happen, in broad day light and in the city of NY.....I still believe that these war could be solved if the American dare to put thing in a proper perspective or order, solved the root causes of the problem first… the Israel/Palestine issue/problem. Start with the creation of an Independent Palestine state and the return of Israel to it former boarder, and with that, All the Arab countries would recognized Israel.....It is not an impossible thing to achieve if America wanted to, for America have the power....What it need now is the will to do it, if not this kind of war, I believe would go on and on and perhaps would eventually be happening on the streets of more cities….. Scary eh......God forbid.... pray and hope that this would not happen....but if we act stupid then anything could happen.....we should remember that those Palestinian kids are already living in Hell, so if someone come along and promise Haven..... well… your answer is a good as mine....then anything could happen..... I hope for some Wisdom among the American leadership prevail, for only with wisdom could this tragedy be stop and more live safe.....As I write the hundredth American just got kill this month alone and a battle has just happen at a northern part of Iraq...many more got when will all this stop...How many more people especially the young must die before the leaders come to their senses and put a stop to this killing fields....Egoisms have never solved any problem but Wisdom have some wisdom and save the live of all those youth, the children’s of proud parents everywhere......let them come home is peace not in body bags....To all that have fallen, I pray for their souls....May they Rest in Peace......God bless them all…….

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