Monday, December 01, 2003

It is December, this time of the year, the weather is a bit wet. It would rain off and on and the sky would be cloudy and would be like this for sometime. It is part of the weather pattern in the tropic..In some places like the east cost of peninsular Malaysia and the coastal area of Sarawak and Sabah, it would be the northeast monsoon wind that blows these area, at time very strong with waves a few meters high, it is not safe to swim now or for that matter for fisherman to go fishing. Since these fisherman could not go to sea, this is the time when they tend to their boat and fishing is a sort of a period of rest for these hard working fisherman....some would still go to fish on small boat at the coastal water but would not venture further that , it is too dangerous for small boat to be in the choppy water during this monsoon season....It would rain for days without end and this would lead to flooding to low lying would be fun for those who are used to this yearly flood.....especially the young, they would play in the flood rice field or the monsoon drain, just for the fun of certain area the flood would bring distractions to roads and bridges, with some area cut off from communication...well on the east coast it is a yearly affair, with this flood, so the people would live with it and take precaution.....that is the way with it when nature takes it course...It is not that bad on the west coast, though it would rain, but it would not be as bad as that in the east coast for the west coast is protected by the main mountain range that runs from north to south of the peninsular Malaysia.

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