Monday, December 15, 2003

Continue the saga....[see Dec 14] Well after the short nap, we refresh and start to wonder outside.... We found that this holiday resort is quite big, it has many chalets, a restaurant, conference rooms, a swimming pool....a sort of hut for those that want to sleep in the jungle near by and camping site for those camper......It is indeed an interesting holiday resort. I never knew of this place until this tour is being organized, only after a visit to the resort website that I got more info of this resort gunung ledang resort.....Situated at the foot of the legendry Gunong Ledang, it makes a wonderful getaway for cities folks like us.....We wonder around and soon realized why the organizer choose this place for the trip this time, I guess one aspect that they took into consideration is that it has a Swimming Pool, a very important facilities for those that brought their kids on a trip like a grandparent I believe that the swimming pool is the dream of all kids....Their parent must have told them that there is a swimming pool and this must have motivate them to come along....sure enough,when my wife and me met those kids...., seeing the pool make them all cheerful and glow with happiness, for the pool is their dream and their dream have indeed come kids we all know that some would not be able to sleep the previous night when a trip like this are planned....I went through this excitement when I was a kid so the present kids are no difference then us who are grandparent now, after all grandparent were kids before.....With swimming pool the kids are take care of and they do not need any other activities to keep them busy, in fact it would keep their parent busy.... watching their kids enjoying themselves splashing with joyfulness all day long...or till night came and perhaps continue to swim in the evening till late at night....if possible those kids would not want to leave the swimming pool......if their parent do not drag them out eat or to get to bed...with a promise they can continue to swim the next day.......[to be continue]

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