Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Continue the saga.....[see Dec 15] At eight in the evening we all assemble at the coffee house for dinner....only now we can see all participants in one group...it is indeed a big group..consist of more then thirty including the kids, We all had a sumptuous dinner and after dinner a few of us set to chat.....At our table were the chairman and his wife, the secretary and his wife, the VP and his wife, the young lady with her kids [remember the lady with the Toyota MPV] and my mrs and me.....so we chat over coffee/tea and the subject ranging from the internet, to politic, social engineering and to whatever that come to mind at those moment...like the service and facilities at this resort...the kids and the swimming pool, the hike to the top of the mountain, the shopping to be... at Tangkap and the subject seem endless.....Punctuate with laughter when some one throw a joke....there was much to talk about since to some of us this was our first meeting.....and later on another couple join the group...a retired police officer with his charming wife....the first time she saw us still sitting at the table...she say... she thought that we all had gone to sleep...and they had gone dancing out side at the lobby....well we did hear loud music when ever the coffee house door open...I supposed they had a good time dancing/listening to the disco music at the lobby....anyway they eventually took part in the great chat and continue to contribute jokes that led to more laughter.....time pass and since the night is still young, we continue to chat until the only table left is ours...and eventually... at just before eleven we leave the coffee house and head to our rooms to have a total rest...I guess we were all tired after driving all the way from our homes this morning....to this rural resort at the foot of Gunong Ledang......to me it was indeed an interesting trip and I guess that the rest including the children had an enjoyable time the whole day...so we took our hard earn rest...until then...[to be continue]

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