Sunday, December 14, 2003

Continue the saga.....[see Dec 13] After lunch we proceed like before in a convoy and I decided to continue as the last car in the convoy....after a while we depart from the main Highway at the Tangkap interchange. and after paying toll at the toll plaza we proceed to Sagil via the town of Tangkap.....Tangkap surprise last visit to this town was some thirty years ago while I was then working in Johor and Malacca.... it was then just a small town, but now it a thriving and a booming town in the state of Johor, many factories in the Medium Scale as well as large export oriented industries producing finished goods for export are situated here.....what surprise me most is the town itself, all along the main road we see nothing else but shops selling textile or various kind....with loud speaker blasting a sort of disco like.... Calling consumers to patron their make a festival like atmosphere.....with DJ chatting away just like in a disco... it is indeed a great way to give life to this booming town...once just an ordinary rural town....but now it has become a place where textiles in great numbers and varieties are sold making it a town One of a Kind....a textile paradise of a sort...of course it is cheaper then in the other towns or cities in the is worth a visit if you are looking to buy textile in bulk or just to browse around for your home need, perhaps to redecorates your home for the next Aidil Fitri, the Chinese New Year, Christmas or the Deepavali....Do make a visit to Tangkap and I am sure you would not be disappointed....We pass this town and head for Sagil...I notice that many cars use this country road and because of our convoy over taking became a problem to the ordinary user...I guess it is alright since a convoy of this nature are seldom seen on this actually add color to the monotonous scene of Palm Oil and rubber trees along the road...I notice that most of the road user drive fast despite the road been narrow and at time they even over take at the double white line on the road, this make it dangerous for those driver from outside this area, no wonder accident happen quite so often on such country road, the drivers seem to careless for the to those that wanted to venture driving in the rural area had to be extra careful of such driver...I for one would avoid driving in such road..... after a while we arrive at the was interesting to see such a big holiday resort in the rural the foot of this mountain, a famous and legendry mountain of Gunong Ledang.....It was made famous by the legend of the Malacca Hang Tuah's five warrior of the bygone era........We check on to our respective room and took a rest for a while before venturing to see what in store for us tourist....[to be continue]

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