Saturday, December 13, 2003

It is Saturday, as planned we left our home to joins the Volvo Klasik group on a tour to a holiday resort, known as the Gunung Ledang Resort, we were told to rendezvous at a service station just after the Sg.Besi toll plaza.....We left the house at just after eight thirty in the morning, it was drizzling and the road were wet, so I drove slowing on the toward the Kesas Highway...the cloud was gray and it rain and drizzle off and on... but it does not matter to me since this part of the road never get flooded and from my past experiences at this time of the year, the Highway toward the south are seldom flooded...... but then anything could happen if the rain continue to pour like what has been happening on the east coast...Anyway I drove on toward the Kesas Highway and soon got connected to the north south Highway just before the Mint Hotel...after a few minutes we approach sg.besi toll plaza....., the drizzling continue and soon the road were wet again...after passing the toll plaza I soon found that there are two service stations on the left side of the road....I decided to stop at the shell station and fill my tank and then park my car and wait for the others to arrive....Hoping that this is the right service station that we are supposed to meet.....soon I spot the leader of the organizing committee...a Mr.Mick, an imposing man, we shook hand and am please that I did got the right service station, we waited and soon a Volvo car arrived, a young guy with his wife and kids....I thought that it was Syed and his family, the couple that we met on the last trip to CH, but it was not and found out that this is another family...a Mr.Nua with his family from Kelang.....well we chat and he told me that he got an SMS message from Mick to meet at this station.... but getting here he had a story to tell.... he over shoot the turning to the Highway......and hand to do a detour to get to this place....well we chat and soon more and more Volvo came....My wife was telling me that we could be the only non Volvo car in this group but then a Nissan Van with a whole family arrived and joins the group, so now there are two non Volvo in the group.....when all the cars arrived we were given instruction to proceed to the next stop, the R & R at the Jejambat at Ayer Keroh....we convoy and I decided to be the last in the group following behind the Nissan we proceed I notice another vehicle joins the group, this time not another Volvo but a cream color Toyota, a sort of an MPV joins the group in front of the Nissan Van....I notice the driver swerve to the left..., at first I thought the driver was trying to over take from the left side of the convoy, but the it did not but instead join the convoy in front of the Nissan Van .........well my wife continue saying.... after all we now have three non Volvo vehicles in the convoy.... we thought that we would be the only non Volvo car in the convoy but it turn out there are anothers as well......At that time I did no not know who the driver of this Toyota is but later on found out that it was driven by a young lady with kids all the way from the northern town of Taiping....what a lady she was, driving all the way from Taiping to join us in Kuala lumpur.....we man should never underestimate these ladies now a days.....they are doing things that we never thought that they would do is indeed great to see such changes in the Malaysian society......a very progressive one indeed.... We proceed on and eventually stop at the R & R and had our lunch there.....Most of the participants had never stop at this R & R they were rather exicted with the whole complex where all type of foods were availble, from fast food to the traditional Mee Kari and Nasi lemak.....At this R & R other then the normal wash room there are facilities for one to take a shower and place to do their daily prayers....Of course those families with kids would head to the KFC or the A & WS....and enjoy their lunch...., after that we began to get to know the rest of the group, some we have not met was like a large family gathering on a picnic tour....chating and exchanging stories and some even plan for the next trip....and the kids were happily playing around, in the spacious area of the R & R... just like all kids and be merry....careless of what's happening in the world.....that kids.....[to be continue]

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