Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a great time!!...

I am back to the real world after that wonderful holiday in fantasy land call AFamosa. Indeed it was great to be with the family in another environment, a different world then the one we are used to. The AFamosa concept of holiday is something that is good for the family. It does not matter whether it is just between the mom and dad and the kids or just like ours where we the grands are also around. Our children and grandchildren are close to us and the bonding has always been great. With love flowing both ways. So when we told them that we are glad to come along, the were delighted with joy. So off we went in two cars, they in one car and me and grandma in another.

We left earlier than them and take our time driving. The car was packed to capacity with things that we need to enjoy, like supply for cooking our own food and the this and that to give more comfort while living in the bungalow, with a swimming pool at AFamosa. With past experiences we got ourselves well prepared this time, so that we do not have to leave the vicinity of the bungalow when we need some small items or to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Grandma took upon herself to take care of been the chef during that holiday period. She love to do that and with that we are left assured to be well fed during the four days there. As usual I just help with the this and that, in a way making a nuisance of the situation and enjoy doing it. That is the advantage of been an old man of the family.

We arrived just before seven in the evening and after our son in law got the key to the bungalow we drove straight and start to unload all those things from both cars. With that the holiday began. Grandma had prepared dinner and it was just heating and dinner is done. The kids especially the three youngest one were eyeing the swimming pool and were all the times asking their mom and dad when they could go for a swim. It was drizzling so it was not possible for them to get into the pool. Moreover it was getting dark. We enjoyed our dinner and with two laptops, one of the kids got into cyberspace with ease and enjoy his fantasy there, care less of what the others were doing. As for me I surfed the net trying to find out what is happening in the real world of politic since the election result is still warm. I call the night off and woke up to the sound of the kids splashing in the swimming pool.

They had wake up very early and went straight to the pool. This brought back memories of my childhood whenever we planned to go camping in the woods, the day before I just could not sleep thinking of the adventure the next day. I believe those kids were like that the night before and wake up early to get to the pool. And that's what they did now in the pool. Happy that, what they had wanted all along in this holiday came to reality. Both their parents and the elder sisters took turn to be on guard at the poolside. One should never leaves kids in the pool alone even for a second. So this ritual goes on like clockworks all the time we were there when the kids are in the pool. For the three days and evening we were there the kids were almost all the time there splashing with joy, enjoy the water like those duck and fishes in the watery environment. Well, kids are kids and the pools soon became an extension to themselves. Indeed their kind of joy. Those wonderful kids, life would be dull indeed without them. Remember we were like them before. Tempted I jump into the pool and the situation became hilarious. That's my friend is the reality of life.

As usual when your are in a situation like this times passes by fast. In the evening there are regular fireworks display at the Cowboys town in the resort. The whole gang went to watch the fireworks as usual. Grandma and me just stayed, she watch the TV and me on the net as usual. The next evening we all decided to visit the Cowboys Town where there are entertainments for the kids as well as the adult. For the kids it was something they enjoyed with laughter and joy. The evening again ended with the fireworks display.

Indeed this resort is a great place to get lost for a while from the hassle bustle of the city life. Living in this bungalow is like living in a community of the rich and famous. So for a while you can just do that and enjoy life and care less of what's happening in the world. To me while I am on a holiday I just switched myself off from the other reality. In doing that I do enjoy my holiday. Above are some images of the bungalow area of the resort. I am sure you agree with me that this enclave do look like those that belong to the rich and famous. Have a nice day..


Women said...

thank you for sharing

Pak Idrus said...

women, thanks for the visit and the good words on this posting. I visited your site and found it to be informative. Have a nice day.

Rita Ho said...

Hi Pak Idrus ... Very nice resort indeed! Is it connected to the AFormosa Resort Hotel? If yes, they maintained the place really well. was there for a conference years ago and enjoyed my stay. It didn't have the empty feeling often present in faceless hotels.

Are there many bungalows? Do they all have a private pool?

Like you, my brother has a condo unit in Melaka but I am thinking our next family trip there should be like yours. :)

Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the visit and the good words on this posting as well as sharing your thoughts on the subject of this resort AFamosa.

There are two type of accommodations, the usual hotel type which I think you stayed while there and the other is the Bungalow with a private swimming pool. All Bungalow have private swimming pool. The pool I think what attracts the family with kids there. Indeed a wonderful concept which you could not find at other resorts where you and the kids had to share the common swimming pool. At AFamosa the Swimming pool is all yours to use all the time with your gangs.

As for the maintenance I put it as OK but could be improved. At present all the workers are foreigners and I think they are learning to be skill workers in the hospitality industries.

Rita this place is definitely a better place for a family retreat. One bungalow have four rooms, a kitchen, and a spacious hall, so if there are too many of you, you could camp in the hall. It would sure be fun to have all the family in one roof once a while.

Have a nice day.

Rita Ho said...

Thank you for the info, Pak Idrus. I will definitely suggest the resort for our next reunion which will include all my siblings and their families. May need two bungalows. :)

Thanks again, and you have a nice day too!

Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the return visit. Glad that the info is useful to you. Have a great weekend. Take care.

Pak Idrus said...

Friends, Louis from Seattle email me this comment on the above subject, narrating his interesting thoughts on such happening which I would like to share with all.

With his permission I am sharing his thoughts below:-

Liked your post on your vacation at A Famosa.

Reminded me of my own family vacations at the seaside when I was a kid: my mother and older sisters took the same pleasure and caring as your wife in preparing a meal for arrival and in gathering supplies to anticipate the family needs.

It was surprising and pleasurable to note that that attitude still exists, though the circumstances have changed so much over time.

In my time, a seaside rented bungalow was a simple, barebones house, often with no electricity or piped water: considered upscale if there was an unreliable generator for electricity. No shops or restaurants nearby, so that a pre-prepared meal for arrival and the groceries for later, were essential...nothing like the manicured and modern architecture or the Cowboy Town in your photos of A Famosa. And yes, we kids couldn't wait to get into the water, but had to postpone that joy for a long night because it was too dark on arrival. Except that there were no swimmingpools then, it was the sea or perhaps a stream. Great times, and it's so good to see your grandchildren enjoying such times albeit in a different setting.

Your photos of your bungalow at A Famosa could very well have been taken in a planned community in Southern California in the area where I used to live, even to the roofing material, a very popular material in S. California, where it is known as "Spanish style roof tiles". The park in front of your bungalow is almost exactly like one a block away from my then house too.

But there's one significant difference: Your swimming pool wasn't fenced. In the USA one daren't have an unfenced pool, and especially one open to the front of the house, because one would be inviting a possibly years long, bankrupting lawsuit, in the event that even an uninvited trespasser might slip and suffer even a simple sprain or bruise, let alone a more serious accident.

I would have written this as a Comment, but of course it's too long :)


Pak Idrus said...

louis, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. like yours we all have experiences that we should be share with others especially so to the new generation. It would surely made their life as colorful as ours.

It look like the script of the growing up period is the same. It is only the place and time that are different. Life is like that.

Have a nice day.

Papa Ali said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

I was there too last week, it was indeed a nice and relaxing holiday. I stayed at a 3 room bungalow with my family.

Everyone had a good time, I especially liked the cowboy show at the safari. The show was very lively and loud. Only problem was it was a bit difficult to understand what they were saying so I just sat back and enjoyed the action.

My only regret was we had to miss the cowboy town due to downpour on the second day. On the first day we were there at 9pm+ to see the show only to be dissapointedly informed that the 10pm show was only for public holidays. Sheesh, they should make it clear on the brochure about that.

Regardless, I look forward to going there again when my children are older :).

Pak Idrus said...

papa ali, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting. Indeed a great place to be and hope we would bump on each other the next time. Have a nice day and take care.