Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A image to ponder...

Folks this is where I got lost in cyberspace. Wondering endlessly in a world without boarders. Amazing you could be in any part of the world, see what you want to see, read what you want to read and at time talk face to face with friends across the globe as thought time and distance evaporate into thin air. That what the Internet gave us among other things. Just get into cyberspace, and you are on a journey to the unknown and enjoy the days. I blog and with that I get to share my thoughts with the world and at the same time read blogs that pop up endlessly all the year around. What a world we live in now. I am glad that I get to enjoy life not only on this wonderful world of ours the good earth but in cybersphere as well.

Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

I must say this is such a wonderful, cosy corner. It exudes absolute comfort & tranquility. No wonder you could whip up all your entries, all seeming with ease what with such an inspirational set up there.

Woo..look at all the books you're reading too...& that signature Ikea mug...he he, that was where my hubby & I, bumped into you & your lovely wife. Remember?


salam pak idrus,

Glad that you're part of the community. Using the technology to know the unknown, connect the unconnected and the list goes on.

I'm getting a new PC and will be having the same setup like your very soon.


Anonymous said...

Ditto! I dunno what I'll do without it. It's such a wonderful creation that I also was able to locate long lost friends & resume our friendship. The world is so much smaller now ya.

Howard said...

And those cyber-networking sites! Sites like the professional-oriented "" somehow manage to connect you to colleagues I hadn't seen or talked to in decades!

And we wouldn't have come across your wonderful blog without the Net and cyberspace! (It's a bit too easy to spend money going to the on-line shopping sites, though!) :)

The Ancient Mariner said...

My own cosy corner where I do blogging is in much more of a mess and my dear wife goes ballistic every time she cleans around it.

But she knows that it is my own private turf and will not touch anything .. heheh

Pak Idrus said...

ruby, thanks for the visit and the good words.

Well we all need our our private space and this is one place that I felt comfortable and inspired to wonder and ponder our world especially so in cybersphere where knowledge could be acquired at the touch of a button.

Like you Ikea gives me ideas as well things that are not that expensive, yet a work of art like that cup. Coffee taste grate in it. A favorite cup of mine. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

jalan rebung, Rizal thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject.

Like you said the Internet to me is now indispensable and I just cannot live without my laptop. It is our world now and those who have yet to get to grips with it are lost forever. So let us not waste time but to move forward in this new world of our which includes cybersphere.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

sheela thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject.

Indeed we are fortunate for this invention. To me it is the next best invention after the wheel. If we did not use it we are the looser, am glad that you are one those that got addicted to this great tool of this generation. How can we live without it. Indeed the world is small, made so by the Internet.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

howard, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject.

Indeed the Internet is one of the greatest invention of our generation. With it time and boarder and distance disappeared into thin air. We communicate with easy and to me you are no more a stranger to me. It is a matter of time when we would meet in person, like I did with Louis and Rita Ho and Ana in the US in May and July.

It must be cold up there now but do have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

The Ancient Mariner, Capt.Yusof, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Indeed we all need our private space and everyone must appreciate it as well respect the need of such space for we all are individual with different needs and understanding. Oh! the other half, I believe they are from another planet and yet we just cannot live without them.!!?

CU on the 29th. Have a nice day.

changgeh said...

Pak Idrus
We 'd been very fortunate, that we at our prime age can still afford to enjoy this magnificient invention call internet..we've been the lucky one. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

changgeh, Alias, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject.

Agreed we are a lucky generation for been able to watch the development of the IT from day One. From no telephone, no radio, no TV to what we have now a broadband Internet. With that come blogging which now became a new media for all of us to share our thoughts with the world. Now Sharing Information and Ideas is just at the click of the mouse.

Have a nice day.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

Just to remind you of the bloggers meet on Nov29 at The Curve, just like the first meet. Hope to see you there.

Pak Idrus said...

cakapaje, thanks for the visit and the reminder regarding the 29th meeting. Regards and CU there.

Have a nice day.

louis said...

You would have been very encouraged by the scene on board my cruiseship: the internet room was always busy and wherever there was a Wifi hotspot in the various lounges on the ship you would find someone using a laptop. Wifi was also available in some cabins and I understand it will be a feature in most cabins in the new ships.

The remarkable thing is that the people using those hotspots were almost all seniors, many into their seventies.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks for the visit and sharing your experiences on board the ship.

Indeed a great place to meet folks of our age group who are as savvy with the Internet and of course make more friends. BTW anyone from Asia there.

We have this bus that ply KL Singapore route and it has WIFI, Lin takes this bus from time to time.

Have a nice day.

louis said...

There were several Asians on board.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks and do have a nice day on dry land. Take care.