Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let the works begin...

The dust of the election has settled, well somewhat settled. I believe those politician has got the rakyaat [people] message loud and clear. In this election the people shows who is the boss and I hope those politician come down to earth and play their role as the people's representative and to do their works wisely. Remember and always remember the political culture has change for good. No more those mindset that think only a particular political party could rule and that other political party could not. So let move on and believe that the status co has change for good and that the political scenario is no longer the same.

As for me who have seen all the election for the first one in 1955, knows that the voters are getting matured and smarter then ever before. I am indeed glad of the changes and hope that we continue to change and to believe that any political parties are not an indispensable entity. Let no one believe that the rakyaat is not smart. In this election [March 8, 2008] the young Malaysian voters has shown that they are not subject to any kind of doctrine but could decide for themselves what is right for their future.

I shall continue to watch and play whatever roles that I felt could be beneficial to the Malaysian society. At this juncture of my live I would continue blogging and would contribute positively in providing ideas and information to the Malaysia society.

So friends, I shall continue to blog the way I know best and hope that the reader would not only enjoy reading but would gather knowledge on the way. So from now let us move forward and do our part in making our country a better place to live and enjoy life. Remember your votes and my one vote do made the differences. Have a nice day..

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