Friday, January 28, 2005

If you want to look younger then your age, then come and live in the tropic...Your physical body aged slowly here. It is because of the hot and humid environment in the topic....Well at least we have an atmosphere that is good for our health...Although it is hot and humid...It is indeed good for our health...It is also cheaper to live in the tropic for we need not have to heat our home during the winter, like those in the northern and southern atmosphere...I remember when I was living in Boston some years ago, we had to dress up just to get out of the house to throw our garbages...We do not have to do this anytime of the year in the tropic...The same type of dress could be use throughout the years...There is no need for special clothing for different part of the year...The differences is that we dress differently for occasion, like attending dinner, going for a wedding or just dress casual with just jean and t shirt for a casual days outing....At most wedding we put on our best national dress...That is the way but not those thick clothing to insulated oneself from the cold...That my friends is the way we live in the tropic....We wish for the snow like you all wish for the sunny beaches but then we can never have both world...We,like you all in the west had to travel to get snow/sunny beaches or the like....That is what makes our world interesting and live so colorful and beautiful, I love to travel and that had colored my life and I believe it has also done the same to you all...Friends let enjoy and be happy........

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