Monday, January 17, 2005

I am glad that the weather has been fine all through the weeks... It brighten my days after the gloomy news of the Tsunami happening just two weeks ago.... It look like the world have come together to assist those that are effected by the disaster.... In every countries the public have started to donate money for the Relief Fund organized by the local authorities...This shows that we as a species are very concerned with life, no matter where and to whom it happen...It is the greatest virtue of our species....The year two zero zero four has been a challenging years for us all, the happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestine Israel conflict...Which look hopeless are beginning to see some hopes..There are no easy way to solved such massive problems, but then if one look back at the human history, one would realized that after the dark always comes light...Remember once the whole Asia was colonized, in one form or the others..It was indeed a dark period for all those Asian, they went through the period of colonization, war, fighting terrorist, racial disturbance that brought about by colonization..But because the people of these countries want a better life for themselves, they began to think more rationally and when the time of independence came, most of these countries began to understand the meaning of good governance and today Asia is doing well indeed and continue to be prosperous and heading toward becoming a develop countries like those countries in the west...One reason that most of the Asian countries managed to quantum leap to what it is today, is because all these countries are democratic countries....I believe that only democracy could bring countries to a new height, so for those countries in the Middle East to prosper then the first thing that had to change is the type of government, that manage these countries and that it should be Democratic government.... countries lead by leader elected by the people and served the people for a given period...That is the only way toward prosperity and a better quality of life for all...A total political reform in the Middle East.... .

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